We have a mixed population of smartphone users – half of which own an iPhone & other half owing an Android phone. Therefore, we are actually aware of the pros and cons associated with both. Too many positive vibes come from both the major smartphone families. However, there is one big problem associated with the iPhone. They do not work on the same old issues encountered previously. Instead, repeated every time with the release of new iPhone model. That is why, people aware of these issues may not be that excited with release of iPhone 6. We will be more interested to see whether the following issues are sorted or not in this latest Apple offering.

Enhanced iCloud security

iOS scores full marks in security when it comes to App Store free from malware and crap-ware because of a safety fence around it. However, when it comes to iCloud, iPhone’s default backup for contacts, images, documents, we have doubts of our own. History speaks that there has been a failure encountered in case of iCloud. There is no doubt about the fact that Apple has done the iOS patching keeping away the bad apps, but has compromised greatly in cloud security. In fact, iCloud possibly is the most annoying cloud service due to errors occurring each time. Overall, we can say that iPhone is still not fully secure, as it seems to be. Until iCloud enhanced, the smartphone is vulnerable to threats.

Eliminated Wi-Fi issues

Wi-Fi has been among the most common issues iPhone has encountered since the time we have known the smartphone. Even with same OS among different Apple models, small major or minor upgrades always create Wi-Fi connection problems. It happens all the time. Even in the case of beta version of upcoming iOS 8. Adding cherry to the cake is the fact that when you are using Wi-Fi- filtering with media access control (MAC), you can actually face troubles signing in to your office network. Moreover, MAC randomizing does not even tracks you when you are in public. Overall, Wi-Fi does make it harder for business networks to function.

Increased battery life

With the release of iPhone 6, an all-daylong battery life promised by Apple. Do you really believe in it? Yes. Then look at this case. Quite recently, Apple was obligated to replace some iPhone 5 models due to bad batteries. It will not be shocking if iPhone 6 faces similar problems due to bigger screens. Fact of the matter is Apple has been never great with handling batteries unlike Samsung or Nokia. There are many ways to optimize the battery issues in iPhones, only after passing through many rounds.

iTunes makeover

It is a very well-known fact that iTunes is an all in one media player for iPhone assimilating sync manager, app & media store, as well as a media player. No matter where it runs, iTunes demotes with every new release by being more vulnerable to crashes than previous version. This leads to off sync between media files and iGadgets. We expect that iTunes provide a proper coordination between iGadgets and media files in the future.

Final thoughts

Once Apple gets rid of these issues, we might consider iPhone as an ideal choice. We hate seeing people glued to Apple products due to brand loyalty. We cannot stop you from buying newest iPhone 6 especially if you are not at all concerned with the off sync iTunes store, lower battery life, out of order Wi-Fi, and shaky security. However, for those who really give a damn about the issues, give second thoughts when buying iPhone models.