Towards the end of each year, Apple discharges a rundown of best iPhone applications. Apple is known for being greatly specific, and the current year’s rundown contains a mixture of everything – from accommodating productivity applications to exceptional graphics based gaming apps. We have gathered all the top app picks from Apple at one single place for you to have a glimpse and pick your best choice.


Transform your photographs into mesmerizing watercolors.


The app gives you a chance to convert your pictures into a wonderful watercolor variant. With 14 unique styles, you can make the ideal image by tweaking colors, penning outlines, and handling wetness. Value: $2.99 to purchase


Have an incredible approach to get your news when mobile.


With stories specifically handpicked from The New York Times’ editors, mobile users can take full benefit of this app. The application lets you know the best stories of the day by pulling substantial news from The New York Times and several different sources. Value: Free to purchase

Health Mate

Utilize your iPhone sensor for analyzing your heart rate and activity you do.


It is a simple movement analyzing application, which integrates very well with Apple’s inbuilt sensor. There is essential step checking, the capacity to set objectives, and a heart rate apparatus that uses your iPhone’s rear camera for taking estimations. Value: Free to purchase


Enhance your memory, concentration, and talking abilities.


It is being announced as the No. 1 iPhone app of 2014 as discussed in one of our former articles. 25 simple mini games will prepare your mind by shooting questions that will improve your memory, perusing perception, composition, math, concentration, and talking aptitudes. Value: Free to purchase


Grab your chance to make stories filled with content, videos, and photos.


Intended to be as adaptable according to the story that you need to tell, the application helps you fabricate stories, containing multiple pages, with content, videos, and photos in any manner that you would really like to view. Value: Free to purchase

Star Walk 2

Find more regarding the stars with the help of this app.


Star Walk 2 gimmicks a ravishing outline that mixes reality with front line astronomical information and technology. To find something new, simply direct your smartphone towards the sky and leave the rest to Star Walk. Value: $2.99 to purchase


Get an access to each single food recipe across the globe.


It is a groceries and recipes application, that gives you a chance to find out top blogs and sites for food recipes, helping you discover, spare, and arrange your top picks. Value: Free to purchase


Always remember your secret password as well as login details with this wonderful app.


1password safely stores your password as well as login details for your favorite sites. Utilizing your iPhone’s unique sensor, you can then rapidly fill in credentials and forms. Value: Free to purchase


Get yourself entertained with this buzzing app.


In case you are in the temperament for laugh or quizzes, Buzzfeed’s application provides you with the full backing. Its freshest upgrade incorporates a gadget that will give you a chance to see posts trending in Notification Center “Today” view. Value: Free to purchase


Just change your moving footage into an amazing time-frame lapse.


In order to make smooth videos, you require adjustment gear and costly tripods. Fortunately, Instagram Hyperlapse uses picture adjustment methods to smooth out your imperfect video stabilization, and get impressive results. Value: Free to purchase

Yahoo News Digest

Transform your news into a lovely experience.


You get 2 curated 7-10 articles every evening and morning. The articles are pulled from different sources, including necessary facts called atoms that provide for all of those in an organized arrangement. Value: Free to purchase

Wait! It is not yet over. We are half way through. Stay tuned for our next set of best iPhone apps in our final second part. Just keep yourself updated on this blog.

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