We saw a plethora of best iPhone apps in our first part. Now let us have a rundown of remaining best iPhone applications in our second and the final part. As evident from what we saw, this year’s top rated list contained a mixture of everything. The trend continues to be the same in this part as well. However, one thing that has been common among all is, all these apps not just deliver a sleek user experience, but they also provide users with an intuitive user interface.


Camu is an incredible option to your Camera application, and it accompanies a killer characteristic.


Camu is a video and image application with all the regular gimmicks like pictures collages and filters, but what makes it a killer app is the auto mode, which enables users to take a click only if the phone is not moving at all. Value: Free to purchase


Human is a movement tracker that requests users to move no less than 30 minutes every day.


Whether you are strolling, biking, dancing, or running, Human will track you as the day progresses, empowering you to cover 30 minutes of movement while analyzing the number of calories burned in parallel. Value: Free to purchase


Storehouse app lets you transform your photographs into distinctive visual stories.


The app makes it simple to click pictures and organize them into a delightful and shrewd format that gives you a chance to narrate a story. The Newsfeed present in it additionally offers incredible curated content, and Storehouse overall, accounts for an extraordinary application to find image based stories from skilled photographers. Value: Free to purchase


Spring is a shopping application to shop that works well with Apple Pay.


By picking your most loved designer and extravagant brands, Spring will personalize your purchased product. New items consistently feature on just-on-Spring exclusives, and it goes pretty well with Apple Pay with one touch shopping. Value: Free to purchase


Uber gives you a chance to demand your own individual taxi with a smartphone tap.


Uber is a travel-based application that takes the bother of getting you a taxicab. Utilizing the application, you can ask for a taxicab, keeps track of the car, and get hold of it when finally arrives. Payment is taken care of through the application, through Apple Pay or credit card that is already saved. Value: Free to purchase

Network TV

Network TV is another approach to skim and discover web videos.


Designed intentionally as per user viewing preferences, Network TV makes it extremely simple to share and find online videos by presenting, sparing, and swiping, on your channel. Value: Free to purchase

120 Sports

120 Sports is an extraordinary app to get comments from experts on topics related to sports that is trending.


It is an extraordinary approach to see what is happening in the world of sports. The application offers highlights in real time and critiques in the form of experts with more than 10 hours of live programming every single day. What is the best part? Do not bother to subscribe to cable membership. Value: Free to purchase


Swiftkey Keyboard is a brilliant console that gains knowledge from you as and when you swipe.


iPhone’s default console is replaced by Swiftkey that allows you to slide and swipe letter by letter, building your messaging pace. Value: Free to purchase


Litely is an extraordinary image based application for including sophisticated filters.


Litely is compelling photographic application that gives your photographs a filmy tone. Tap just with two fingers to see the looks of your pictures prior to presets inclusion, and the application’s non-damaging altering peculiarities implies you never need to worry of losing out on original. Value: Free to purchase

Paper by Facebook

Facebook Paper consolidates your Newsfeed and current occasions in an exquisite way.


Paper by Facebook is a special approach to ingest the majority of the Facebook stories, whether compiled from a news outlet or your friends. You can present straightforwardly on Facebook from inside the application, or tweak the postings with a clever presentation that gives you a chance to blend news, science, culture, and different subjects suiting your tastes. Value: Free to purchase


Camera+ is an extraordinary option to your iPhone’s Camera application present by default.


Camera+ gimmicks all that you have to click and alter lovely photographs. There are many filter options, frames for images, focus control, exposure, and a nice helpful feature called Clarity that enhances the pictures largely. Value: $2.99 to purchase


Cinamatic is an incredible app for making short movies with social networking sharing functionality.


Cinamatic is an insignificant video-based application giving users a chance to make short movies up to 60 seconds long. Individual cuts brought together, select video filters, and then share, it on social media sites with ease. Value: Free to purchase

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