Apple recently launched its most awaited device of the year in the form of iPhone 6 on September 9, 2014. In addition, the event show the first wearable smart watch device from Apple in the form of iWatch with sapphire crystal display, stainless steel body, square face shape, to be later released in the early part of 2015. Do you want to know what features of both make them hot picks from developer’s perspective? Let us have a quick walkthrough.

iPhone 6 Features

Launched in two different variants – 4.7 inches iPhone 6 and 5.5 inches phablet version iPhone 6 Plus. They have certainly bigger screen size as compared to previous versions of iPhones with less than 4 inches screen size

An enhanced 8MP camera incorporated in both devices

Regular videos taken at the rate of 30-60 frames per second whereas slow motion video capturing done at 120-240 frames per second

Glass and metal body with thinner size and without any direct edges unlike previous models

A High Definition (HD) Retina Display seen in case of both iPhone 6 models

An improved A8 chip 64-bit processor integrated that delivers 25% faster performance for CPU, and 50% faster performance for graphics

Air pressure-measuring barometer, also present in case of newest iPhone models

New mobile wallet service in the form of Apple Pay with Near Field Communication (NFC) capabilities

Synchronization with soon to be released iWatch that will boost iPhone 6 capabilities by providing convenient functionalities

Screen resolution of 326ppi with 1334 * 750 pixels that is greater than 1 million pixels. Also, extended support for 401ppi with 920 * 1080 pixels, which is almost 2 million pixels

Storage sizes available in 16GB, 64GB, and 128GB variants

Actual sale to take place from September 19 with 16GB/64GB/128GB costing $199/$299/$399 in case of iPhone 6 and 16GB/64GB/128GB costing $299/$399/$499 in case of iPhone 6 Plus. These are the prices when opting for a 2-year contract

Both models updated with soon to be released iOS 8, September 17 onwards. iOS 8 will be launched across all iPhone 4S onwards models; iPad Mini, iPad 2, and later models; 5th generation iPod Touch

iWatch Features

It will make your whole vacation experience to be pleasurable by providing a convenient checking in and checking out right from your wrist. In addition, it enables locking and unlocking of door, letting occupant gain a total access over room door. Currently the feature works with Sheraton, Westin, and Starwood chain of hotels.

You need not to worry about checking out your health every now and then. iWatch will take care by continuously monitoring your heartbeat signals and pulses. It will also measure your daily fitness activities, whether you are on improvement side or not, and even counting on the burned calories and walked steps.

Create, send, or customize your own emotional icons. You can choose across multiple inbuilt graphics that has hearts and smiley faces. Just mix them up and create your own customized icon as per your mood, resulting in a more interactive communication.

Synchronize it with Apple TV to change channels, leading to smart watch acting as a TV remote. So now, you need not to waste your time and energy searching for remote, as it is rightly present on your wrist.

iWatch will be available in two different sizes accompanied by six different strap styles. These styles will be – stainless steel with magnetic closure, stainless steel, classic leather buckle, leather band, leather loop with magnet embedded, and a sport band that is elastomer based. Some of them will even have magnetic clasps in a hidden form for quick removal or wearing.

Tweet directly from your iWatch once Siri integrated for social media message sharing.

As mentioned earlier, iPhone 6 officially launched on September 9 with a global release to take place on September 19. However, those who are looking forward to avail iWatch will have to wait somewhat more until its release in initial 2015. Moreover iWatch will only be of use if paired with an iPhone and will initially cost somewhere around $349.