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How to upgrade your restaurant business using a restaurant management application

How to upgrade your restaurant business using a restaurant management application

  • Last Updated on April 12, 2022
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“Restaurant is a physical business. Why do I need a restaurant management mobile app for something that is already well-managed?”

The biggest misconception that the restaurateurs have today is that their restaurant is well-managed. The ambiance is what they take care of and the food is what they put their efforts in.

restaurant management system main

However, a restaurant business does not rely only on these aspects. If your service is not up to the mark, you can lose your diners easily.

And what better than developing a restaurant management mobile application for your business to optimize the best of your service!

Building a mobile application for your restaurant business can do wonders for your business. It can not only assist you and help you keep a sharp eye on the entire restaurant arena but also helps you to retain your customers by being updated with the trends.

So, do you want to know how a mobile app for a restaurant management system works?

Let me guide you to the concept of restaurant management mobile application

The complete concept of the restaurant management system

Managing a restaurant is not at all an easy task. It requires a lot of planning, strategizing, experimenting, and execution.

restaurant management system cta1

However, mainly it depends on learning from the previous mistakes. If your competitor has a better product, you cannot do away with the fact that you need innovation for your restaurant.

But with so many aspects to consider at all times, when can you find time for innovation?

Build a mobile app for your restaurant management system and let it handle it all for you.

A multifaceted restaurant management application could help restaurant owners, employees, and customers at the same time. Such a thoughtfully developed mobile application can serve three purposes:

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Multifaceted & easy-to-access customer app

This mobile app keeps a track of all the customers who have visited the restaurants and notifies them of rewards and discounts. This can be a highly used mobile app for customer retention schemes.

The customer has a unique stake to play in the restaurant management system. The features for customer revolves right from login to checking out. Let us find them below:

Location tracker

The customers can be one-timers and so they might not know the exact location of the restaurant. The map integration can help them navigate to the restaurant using the restaurant management mobile app.

restaurant management system location tracker

The map is integrated in the restaurant management mobile application itself and it navigates them to the restaurant.

QR code scanner

In an arena with a lot of public interaction, it is very important to maintain privacy and security. The customer will scan the QR code with that of a restaurant app to log in his presence in the restaurant. Once the login process is done, the customer can now select a table and order his food.

restaurant management system cta2

Dine-in/dine out options

The homepage will consist of all the dining details of the customers. It is segregated into three sections – dine-in, takeaway, delivery. The customer can select the type of order he wants to place from these three options

Book a table

If the customer selects dine-in, an option pops up with “Book a Table”. Here the customer will be able to view the vacant and occupied tables from all the mobile applications.

restaurant management system book a table

They can easily select a table for them and book it well in advance for dining in a restaurant.

Dine-in details

After the customer selects the dine-in option from the home page, the admin can have the complete information of the customer on his dashboard. The dine-in feature in the restaurant management mobile application is for the admin.

The admin can view the type of the customer, his loyalty, and his past orders using the mobile application.

Order your food with e-menu

Once a waiter is assigned to the customers, the customers can use their mobile app for placing their order. The customers will be able to view the menu using the mobile app from the restaurant management system.

on demand food delivery main

They can view the ingredients used in the preparation along with the quantity and pricing.

Customize your meal

Many times, the customers have their own requirements to be suggested for a particular dish. The customers have an option to prepare their own dish using the mobile app.

They will suggest the portion and the taste of their dish along with the specific instructions and the chef can prepare the dish accordingly.

Push notification

After reviewing the order, the customers will place their order and it will directly go to the chef to review the order.

The customers will constantly receive notification on their order whenever the status of their order changes.

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Cancel your placed order

Many times due to not-so-particular reasons, the customers want to cancel their orders. The restaurant management mobile application comes with an inbuilt feature to cancel an order.

This instantly sends a notification to the chef to stop preparing the food.

Track live order status

After placing an order, the customers can use the restaurant management mobile app to track the order status. The order status will be changed by the waiter-in charge and he will keep the customers updated with their order information002E

My meal my offers

This feature helps the customers stay loyal to the platform. Before the final payment, the customers can check their offers and discounts and can pay accordingly.

restaurant management system cta3

The customers can view their loyalty points and their tailor-made offers from their profiles using the restaurant management mobile app. Apart from that the app also provides reward points on friend referrals.

Overall feedback

After the customers are done with the dinner, the customers will have an opportunity to add their feedback for the entire service.

they received at the restaurant using their restaurant management mobile application.

Multiple payments modes

In order to cut down the manual processing, the restaurant management mobile app will allow the customers to checkout using their various payment options.

on demand food delivery Payment System

The customers will be able to make payments using the debit card, credit card, net banking, eWallets, etc.

Kitchen and e-menu app for impeccable management of customers’ orders

To err is to be human. Similarly, with waiters involved in the system, there are chances of goof ups in order. Having a mobile app in place reduces the burden on the waiters and the customers can place their most precise orders with what they want by using the mobile application to view the menu.

The admin has an authoritative take to play in the Kitchen and E-Menu App. Let us find them below:

Allocate a waiter

Once the admin is done knowing the loyalty of customer, he follows other processes such as managing the waiter for the customer. The admin can use the restaurant management mobile app to view the total number of waiters and can assign them to a table.

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Receive order

Once the customer is done placing the order, the admin passes on the order to the chef and the chef handles the order. The receive order is for the chef. When they are about to finish preparing a dish, they can instantly mark their status to open for receiving orders.

Chef notification

The customers may have various food choices and the same is passed on to the chefs after reviewing by the admin.

restaurant mobile app kitchen management

These notifications are for the chefs. The chefs receive the notification about the specific instructions, customized dish or cuisine from the restaurant management mobile app.

Review order

The review order feature comes into action after the customers place their order. The admin will be able to review the order after the customer places their final order. This helps the admin manage the orders by using the restaurant management mobile app.

Job seekers and restaurant owner app

Hospitality is a big industry but it all narrows down to finding that one right candidate for the restaurant business. Such a mobile application can help restaurant owners to find the jobseekers.

The mobile app for the restaurant management system can also be used as a job portal for all who want to work in the hotel industry.

restaurant management system cta5

There are many key stakeholders in the restaurant management system. Such a mobile app can be built to be a one-stop solution to meet the daily needs of a restaurant in order to provide exceptional service.

The stakeholders for the job portal are the restaurant recruiters and the job seekers. This app helps the restaurateurs find a suitable candidate for their restaurant and simultaneously helps the job seeker find a job of his choice. Let us find the features:

Post job requirements

Once the restaurateur sees a requirement, he would post a vacancy with the complete job description. The admin will be able to add jobs using the restaurant management system. He can use skills and certifications that are must for the candidate.

restaurant management system post job requirements

Dashboard for applicants

The applicants will have a different dashboard and log in window. The applicants can register themselves for two categories, either for a full-time job or a part-time job. On the basis of their input, the admin can view the candidates’ profile.

Search module for jobs

After registration, the candidates will now be able to search for the jobs on the platform. The applicants will be able to log in and search for the job by using keywords related to their job in the restaurant management mobile application.

restaurant management system search module for jobs

Track job status

The applicants will apply for the job and the admin will be able to see a list of them. The admin will allocate a status to the applicant’s profile on-hold, call for an interview, selected, rejected, etc. using the restaurant management mobile app.

View applicants

The admin will be able to view the profiles of all the applicants for a particular job using the restaurant management mobile application. The admin will find the suitable candidates for the vacancy and proceed with his next actions.

restaurant management system view applicants

Rate the applicant

After reviewing all the profiles, the admin will rate the applicants on the basis of their set of skills. The admin will be able to rate the applicant on the basis of the profile.

For future reference, the admin will then be able to filter the applicants on the basis of their ratings.

Schedule an interview

If the candidate is suitable, the admin will take the further actions. The restaurant management mobile application will come with an integrated calendar.

The admin will schedule an interview for the candidate and the candidate will be able to get notification and reminders for the same.


A mobile app can do wonders for your restaurant business. It can help you manage all your key stakeholders and amplify the profit for your restaurant. Better management implies better service and better customer retention rate.

restaurant management system cta4

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