From ages, individuals has defined the unpredictable future. Right from Gladeon Marcus Barnes’ team who designed ENIAC, to Blaise Pascal, who invented the mechanical calculator, we can trace the trails of innovative individuals. Be it new age computer developers like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, it has always been an individual’s vision which crafted the impossible.

The same can be said about mobile technology. The substantial evolution of mobile phones from just a calling device to a utility device is pretty evident in the 21st century. It is because of mobile app development the efficiency of mobile functions has increased significantly.

Future mobile app developer

It is the golden opportunity to write mobile history by developing some of the path-breaking mobile applications for the future generations. It safe to say that mobile app developers possess significant capabilities to change the course of future.

Here’s how it is possible in the realms of mobile app developers to carve a significant future for people.

1. Making lives easy – developing utility mobile apps

No matter what business you deal with. Be it a solar installation or water management, it involves crucial information for the effective business functions. Gone are the days of using paper surveys and agreements, the chances of losing the same or not able to find one when needed are always high.

Also, this can slow down the entire operational workflow. This can end up wasting hundreds of hours a year without even you realizing it. Because, the ultimate purpose of mobile app is to increase the productivity and making sure that the same is achieved efficiently.

From safety inspections to backflow device test reports, utility mobile apps helps in getting the work done faster with greater accuracy. This results in maximizing your business efficiency. Mobile app developers are capable of building mobile apps to share and react to information in real-time, and hence, takes back the control of your work.

For example, Waze, is an amazing utility app already in existence which helps people to save their time and money when they travel by car. It informs drivers with the most efficient routes and where to buy the cheapest gas.

2. Making life longer – Developing mHealth apps

Blessed soul we are that now with the advent of technology and competitive skills of mobile app developers, health care has an ultimate mobility. There is a significant increment in the global life expectancy rate, and now, it shall get even longer. With medical and healthcare industry advancing in the technology-based innovation, the mobile apps developers will make sure that it reaches to everyone.

The future is only possible to gauge if one is aware about the history. Therefore, even while developing healthcare mobile apps, it is always beneficial to take medical history into the consideration. Thereafter, it becomes easy to scale the patient’s health by tracking down the medical statistics from the app’s portal.

Mobile health, commonly known as mHealth will be the key player in defining future of healthcare. Mobile apps for healthcare are mainly focused on managing user’s health plans, health benefits, integrating doctor prescriptions, etc.

Also, it allows patients to shop prescribed medicines, track their symptoms, and find the solution of any problem – at any point in time. The basic aim is to provide healthcare solution to the patient by making their doctors available to them, personally.

For Example, Cerora, a Pennsylvania-based firm has created a headset associated with a smartphone app, aimed at monitoring the brain health. The purpose of headset is to measure brain waves and tracks eye movement. The smartphone’s internal sensors are used to test patients’ balance and reaction time. The ultimate purpose of this app is to help diagnose concussion and other neurodegenerative diseases.

3. Crafting resourceful shopping experience – Developing eCommerce app

Shopping your favorite stuff was never this easy, but the skills and expertise of mobile app developers have led us here. It is now fairly possible to just scan the product’s QR code from the outdoor hoardings and shop on-the-go. The time and space utility is leveraged with the advent of eCommerce mobile apps.

Eventhough. eCcommerce is not a new thing, but now it lies on the innovative capabilities of mobile app developers to craft amazing Ecommerce mobile apps in the future.

Few of the device-based Ecommerce apps are already making its way into the market. One of the latest innovation comes in the form of integrating amazon account with the Amazon Dash device. Amazon Dash is device connects to your Amazon account via WI-fi.

And, when you run out of your daily household utility – as in you run out of the detergent or something, just press the Dash button. When technology is put to better use for Ecommerce businesses, it weaves a certain kind of magic.

For Example, The Home Depot app is scans products UPC or QR codes to gain access of user reviews and product features. Users are able to share products on their social media accounts. It is integrated with a store locator and a map for the preferred shopping place.

4. Easing up the learning process – Developing educational apps

What mobile application has done for this generation is something priceless. It actually provides a student with an educational platform to learn and share the knowledge resources. Mobile app developers get into the daily lives of youth.

Educational apps make a perfect combination of youth engagement and mobility learning experience. The future seems bright with interactive and fun learning mobile apps which aimed at empowering students, globally.

For example, Prepster mobile app is specially designed to help students prepare for competitive exams. With PREPSTER, it becomes easy to involve in the process of practicing for various competitive exams like MCAT, SAT, etc.

5. Futuristic Innovations – Mobile apps for the future

Human capabilities are infinite. Especially, when blended with mobile technology, the sky’s the limit. The future certainly belongs to the one who envision it. And therefore, the onus is on the mobile app developers to craft ingenious futuristic mobile apps. The scope of futuristic apps is certainly infinite.

The time is taking technology with its pacem, but it is the technology which is defining time now. The Artificial Intelligence is creating all what was never imagined. Mobile apps now come with integrated AI to engage the end-users at a more intimate level.

Then there are mobile apps yet to be made for alerting people from natural calamities like Tsunamis and hurricanes, future apps aimed at augmenting Virtual Reality for shopping and entertainment. For forecasting the futuristic data it is very essential to keep of the historical data and therefore, seamless integration of historical weather database is very much essential.


What lies ahead in future cannot be predicted, but as of now, we are going down as the children of change. The change none forecasted, the possibilities of mobile technology still remain infinite. Mobile app developers around the globe carry the biggest responsibility to carve a future.