Despite the fact that iPhone 6 is world’s most popular smartphone device, it is not completely free of flaws. Among these few ones is one persistent problem that occurs with almost every single iPhone model, the battery life. With launching of each new iPhone device, Apple tries to enhance the battery life over previous versions. However, until present, Apple has not been able to overcome this, even in case of iPhone 6. Adding fuel to the fire, iOS 8 updates come at the cost of battery life, leading to escalation of the problem. Nevertheless, there are certain ways by which you can squeeze out battery life as much as possible by yourself. Let us find out how we can do this.

Resetting System

Resetting system settings completely is the most effective and risky solution among all. By doing this, your iPhone brought back to square one to start again from scratch. It has the potential to eliminate all the loopholes associated with your device. The only risk involved is losing on your data because by resetting the complete system, you will lose everything on your phone as well as memory storage letting your phone to be clean. To do this

Connect to iCloud

Settings => iCloud => Find my iPhone => Off

Click Restore under iTunes software

With some prompts coming on screen, around 20 minutes is the time that the whole process will take.

Factory Reset

Resetting settings to default would not wipe any important data stored on the memory storage. Instead, it will wipe out unwanted apps, errors, or bugs, by bringing your device to the original factory setup. Go to, Settings => General => Reset => Reset All Settings. It may ask you to enter your pin number.

Rebooting Phone

Once users start using their smartphone device, they hardly switch it off from the time they have bought, due to a continuous use. This happens majorly with iPhone because people are so much addicted to use the phone all the time. Rebooting is the oldest trick in mobile phone optimization. Restart your iPhone, by holding down the power button and sliding it to right. Leaving iPhone switched off for a minute or so, and switching it on again can surprisingly refresh the battery.

Background App Refresh

Even after doing all the above things, if the problem persists, just turn off Background App Refresh. This will help your iPhone stop connecting the apps to the web for automatic updates, whenever Internet is connected. Go to, Settings => General => Background App Refresh.

Airplane Mode

There is an Airplane Mode present in iPhone just like other smartphones. This mode helps your device to cut off from calls, text, data, especially when your battery is on the verge of losing out. For accessing the mode, simply swipe your iPhone home screen and access the basic control center.


IPhone 6 users are bound to be fascinated for using the 4G LTE network available in iPhone device. This results in rapid draining of battery life due to the use of data streaming in place of inbuilt Wi-Fi. The strain on battery extends in case the user moves away from the coverage zone. Hence turning off this feature is very necessary for a prolonged performance. Go to, Settings => Cellular => Enable LTE => Off.

Screen Brightness

Screen brightness is the most common and possibly the major reason for the consumption of battery fast. Users get highly mesmerized when they see extremely attractive keyboard in a backlit environment, but what they do not understand that it sucks up the battery tremendously. Adjusting screen brightness to minimum or possibly nil can solve the battery issue largely. It is advisable to turn off the auto brightness feature and lowest brightness level should be set. For achieving this, go to Settings => Display & Brightness.

Push Email

Push email functionality takes up a hell lot of battery, so better to turn it off firsthand. To do this, go to Settings => Mail, Contacts, Calendars => Fetch New Data.

Optimizing Apps Usage

iOS 8 comes with whole lot of features to consume a good amount of battery power. However, one of the biggest and most useful feature that you get is, you can actually comprehend which apps take up the most battery. In most cases, useless, unidentified, or unwanted apps extract the battery life tremendously. Eliminating these apps improve the battery life of iPhone 6 significantly. You can decipher these unneeded apps. Go to, Settings => General => Usage => Battery Usage.

What if no result from above actions?

In case if all the above measures fail, it is evident that either there is a fault lying in your battery or probably the iPhone itself. Just get either of these two things or possibly both replaced.