Here’s a strange thing about ideas – they cannot be forced, just like art. Amazing ideas come when you expect them less. And further on, great ideas seem out of reach when you desperately need them.


However, this problem can be easily solved through a simple process of practice.

There are people whose jobs are to constantly come up with new ideas for mobile apps.

Their brains are trained to think in innovative ways and to create out of the box products.

The bottom line is, it’s hard to make a good app.

On the other side, there are technical persons, used more to execution than to brainstorming. They have brilliant ideas, too, but not on a regular basis.

Want to be able to always come up with impressive app ideas for your customers? Then let’s work on it together and train our minds to see beyond the ordinary!

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Observe the day by day reality

Get out of your office or room and go into the world. Ideas don’t come out of nothing, they need a solid base. In this case, people’s behavior is an important element in building a successful mobile app.

For example, seeing how individuals get annoyed while waiting the bus may trigger the following idea: build an app that tells users how long it will be till the next bus arrives.

Have faith in yourself

For some people, the hardest thing is to believe in their ideas. It is a fact that every individual has at least a couple of life changing ideas for mobile apps throughout his existence.

But most people think these ideas are stupid or useless and forget about them.

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Don’t do that! Believe in your creativity and let time and real life situations tell if the idea has been good or not.

Meanwhile, fight for it and be ready to come up with the necessary changes and improvements.

Allow the subconscious to work, its magic

Working on an important project and need some savior idea for mobile application?

Let me tell you this – stressing out your mind won’t do much! Instead, try this method: read all data and write down every possible solution.

Then, stop worrying about it and engage in other activities, less intellectual, like sports, cleaning, and so on.

No, you are definitely not neglecting the job! And this is because the subconscious never stops working until it finds the right solution.

It performs best over night, when it is not controlled by the conscious mind anymore. So sleep on it!

Write down a certain number of Ideas per day

As the saying goes, there’s no such thing as a bad idea. As a consequence, start training your brain by setting goals like this: I must come up with X ideas per day. Replace X with whatever number you are comfortable with (or not!).


This process is not as much about the actual ideas you have, but about the habit of developing solutions on an on-going basis. And after all, among those thoughts, there will for sure be some brilliant ones.

Stay entertained, let go off the stress

As mentioned before, stress is not efficient at all when it comes to ideas. On the contrary, the artistic part of the brain (responsible with creativity for all domains) responds to calm states of mind.

This being said, it is not a wonder anymore that great ideas for mobile app pop up while we shower, for example.

So next time you need to create remarkable mobile apps choose to entertain yourself: take a bath, put on some music (classic one makes wonders), have a massage, etc.

Expose yourself to app development environment

Ideas don’t come out of the blue, like we use to say. Ideas are connections made among countless data already existing in our minds.


As a result, app innovations can only come to life if you are exposed to this tech environment.

Choose multiple channels – speeches offered by famous people in the field, inspirational blog posts, videos and even movies on the subject.

In the end, make sure to spend enough time in the app store! See what others have created, what can be improved and what’s missing.

Final tip: don’t fulfill needs, create needs!

The old market said a great product must fulfill people’s needs. So they have created tons of things to meet individuals everyday needs and beyond.

Thus, the only solution left now is to create needs! Modern humans love luxurious life styles, and they are always looking for innovative ways of doing the same old things.

Try to come up with amazing mobile app ideas that can replace activities in real world (example: make women look for clothes in their phone, and not in their closets, when choosing an outfit).


Improvisation is one great technique that can help you to come up with great app ideas.

You can do improvisation with a range of UI/UX to fix bugs and enhancing usability.

You can also find loopholes in your existing ideas. It can be a pain, but it’s worth it. If you do this, then you will have fewer complications in marketing.

It will also enable your users to adapt to the change quickly.

Go all crazy

Sometimes it’s the craziest of ideas that make it big. Take the example of Flappy Bird and Periscope, these were unconventional ideas and no one thought that it would succeed.

So, sometimes you need a little dose of craziness for app creation ideas.

However, you also need to be cautious as this is more about user engagement rather than just creation of an app.

Whenever you get a crazy idea, do ensure that you back it up with a top-notch user experience so that your users can easily interact with the app.


In conclusion, use these guidelines in order to correctly approach the process of coming up with amazing ideas for new apps.

Make a habit out of them and results will soon start to appear. Looking forward to finding your idea materialized in the app store!

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