Mobile applications have become an inevitable part of our lives. Today we have a mobile application for almost everything.


From booking cabs, flights, movie tickets, to meditation, exercise, and dating mobile apps have everything covered.

By the year 2018, 194 billion apps were downloaded and that number will go higher in the coming years.

This proves that in order to run a successful business you must have a mobile application.

Talking about different platforms, App store has 2.2 million apps. On the other hand, Google Play has 2.8 million apps. However, we all know that not all of them have made it big.

In fact, there are thousands of apps which are based on the same idea.

This clearly hints that the uniqueness of a mobile application idea plays an important part in its success.

That’s why we’ve brought you the list of top 13 best mobile app ideas of 2019.


On-demand services applications

The advent of Uber didn’t only disrupt the taxi industry, but this novel idea also laid a blueprint of on-demand services.


The idea of On-demand services proved to be revolutionary as it changed the face of many industries.

The marriage between on-demand services and mobile applications has been successful in all the industries and thus it encourages new entrepreneurs to invest more in the on-demand app development.

Below are a few of the on-demand ideas that you can invest in.

Taxi dispatch and management

The first idea is that you can develop a taxi dispatch app, that can be used by a taxi company to manage all its fleet operations like dispatch, driver management, customer management, incentives, payment settlement, multiple mode of payments for customers, real-time tracking of driver, GPS-enabled navigation, and many more.

Gas delivery

The idea of developing a cooking gas delivery app might well turn out to be a huge success as cooking gas companies are looking to leverage the benefits of on-demand applications.

Create an app that allows the user to book their cooking gas or refill their gas cylinders with the help of a mobile application.

Deliver cooking gas to your user’s doorsteps with an on-demand gas delivery application.

Fuel delivery

The idea of on-demand fuel delivery is gaining momentum in few countries and it seems that many startups are heading towards that direction.

You shouldn’t waste any time in developing your own fuel-delivery application that allows you to deliver fuel at your customer’s doorsteps.

Disrupt the fuel industry with an on-demand fuel delivery application

Hyperlocal delivery app

There are many users who want to buy things from the local market in quick time. Build Hyperlocal delivery app to fulfill their needs.

A hyperlocal delivery app allows its user to select an item such as office supplies, groceries, pet supplies, stationery, and many more from any shops in the nearby locality and place them for an instant delivery to their house.

Let your customers order anything from their locality with a hyperlocal delivery app.

Beauty service app

Who likes to wait in a long queue for a haircut or any other beauty service? I guess none. This discomfort gives birth to a unique app idea of on-demand beauty services.

You can capitalize on this mobile app idea to develop your own app that acts as a platform for hairdresser/beautician and the customers.

Help your users to get rid of long queue lines by enabling them to book their appointment with a hairdresser/beautician on demand.

Also help hairdressers and beauticians to list all their services on the application with charges.

This will ensure a systematic inflow of customer’s request that will lead to an increase in their earnings.

Develop an on-demand beauty service app which acts as a platform for both users and beauticians.

Develop an on-demand beauty service app for beauticians and hairdressers.

Mobile wallet application

Cashless transactions have boomed over the years with the increase in smartphone penetration in developing countries.

We have seen people migrating from cash payments to card, net banking, and digital wallet payments.

The digital wallets in particular have seen a rapid growth among all the other cashless transaction method due to its added benefits for both user and the merchant.

You can develop digital wallet app that provides features like bill payment, split payment, cash in cash out, loyalty and rewards, and mobile money.

Develop a digital wallet app that enables easy fund transfers, seamless integration customization, and effortless customer onboarding.

Restaurant management app

Digitalization has affected almost every industry vertical and restaurants are no exception.

To get a competitive edge among their rivals, the restaurants are eager to get a restaurant management system that can boost their profits.

You can fulfill this necessity with your restaurant app development platform that can efficiently manage all the restaurant operations seamlessly.

The restaurant management mobile application can act as an assistant that helps the owner to track all his operations like table booking, billing, orders placed, and many other.

The mobile application also helps in attracting new customers with promos, offers, discounts, and reward points.

A mobile application for holistic restaurant management.

Last mile delivery management application

Last mile delivery is the most crucial component of any logistic delivery which often proves to be a deciding factor in the success of any logistics and supply chain company.


If that’s the case then why not fulfill the necessity with the idea of developing a mobile application that can efficiently manage and boost one’s last mile delivery.

This last mile delivery application will boost the last mile delivery process by optimizing routes, automatic dispatching, and a bird’s view.

The last mile delivery solution makes the driver’s job easy with real-time tracking, seamless onboarding, and hassle-free proof of delivery.

Moreover, with a last mile delivery application in place, you can enable your customers to track their packages in real-time, receive real-time updates, efficient communication with dispatchers, drivers, and call centers, and last but not least allow them to give feedback.

Barter exchange app

During the Initial years of human civilization, there was no concept of money. At that time people simply used to exchange goods for goods.

This system was known as the barter system. After thousands of years, there are times when we prefer barter over the conventional currency system due to all the unused goods, equipment, and stuff that we would be happy to exchange for something useful.

What about providing a digital platform where anyone can barter their stuff with other people. A mobile application which allows one to list all their products for exchange.

An application which helps them to find someone suitable for the exchange. No money would be involved in any of the processes.

This app might help you to grow a large user base. Moreover, you can also earn money with advertising.

DOOH and OOH advertising management application and software

OOH is one of the most evergreen modes of advertising. DOOH is its digital version which has seen immense growth and acceptance in the past few years.


This rise means that the OOH companies receive a lot of requests for ads.

What if you can develop a mobile application that can act as an eCommerce portal and a platform between the customers and the OOH advertising company. Isn’t that a great mobile app idea?

This application can automate all the mundane and repetitive tasks, thus, saving your time and money.

The automation streamlines most of the processes and thus allows the OOH companies to focus more on other aspects.

Moreover, with a mobile application in place, the OOH companies can do various tasks seamlessly like campaign planning, reports and analytics, secure financial securities, easy management, and real-time modification.

Efficiently manage out-of-home advertising with an app

Healthcare app

The medical facilities have enhanced greatly all thanks to a technology driven healthcare sector.

However, this improvement also means a lot of medical procedures which often makes it difficult for a common man to remember and schedule it.

So, here comes another idea to develop a stunning app. The idea is of a medical app which is versatile in nature and can perform a plethora of functions.

First, this mobile app can manage all the medical procedures and tasks of a user in a systematic manner.

The application stores and manages all the important medical components of the user like medical history, medication, symptoms, immunizations, appointments, allergies, and the fitness records.

Not only that, the app also helps users to monitor various health parameters like BMI, blood pressure, Pulse, and many more.

A mobile app that manages one’s all medical activities.

A mobile app for bike trips

Over the years, we’ve seen apps with the most unique and off beat ideas making it big. This next one is one of those unique ideas for mobile app.


This is a mobile application dedicated for all the bikers. The application acts as a platform where different bike lovers can network and go on a bike trip together.

Bikers can create their bike trip by setting a destination. Other bikers can search and join different rides straight from the app.

An application where bikers can socialize, plan, and go on bike trips together.

Disaster management app

Disasters are something that we cannot stop. However, with the help of cutting-edge technology we can very well predict it and reduce the destruction caused by it. Moreover, we can save lives with the help of a warning.

So, why not work on a mobile app idea that deals with disaster management?

You can develop a mobile app that automatically gives alerts to its users warning them of a possible natural disaster.

Moreover, the app also helps its users who are stuck in a perilous situation.

The users simply must send a request stating information like location, and other important details.

The request will be received by the operator who will assign the rescue duty to the nearest disaster management executive.

The executive will then go to the location and rescue the user.

A disaster management mobile application

Search product by photo app

We all are familiar with this situation in which we see a product in real-life and get mesmerized by it.

But when we start looking for it on the internet or anywhere else, they are nowhere to be found. How about developing a mobile app which can resolve this issue?

Why not develop a mobile app that helps your users to search for products by photos?

It one of the creative app ideas, in which a user just has to click a picture of the product and search it online to purchase it.

This is a great mobile app idea for entrepreneurs as it allows them to engage their users all day long.

Moreover, there’s no specific target audience for this app, as they can target people of all age and sex.

In addition to that, the entrepreneurs can also tie up with the sellers and other retailers for more profits.

IoT security application

If you’re an entrepreneur and are looking for a startup app idea then IoT apps must be top in your list.

It’s because in the past few years we’ve seen how IoT has emerged as a cutting-edge technology that interacts with us and among themselves to make our lives more convenient and comfortable.

The usage of IoT related services like smart home, smart energy monitoring, smart fleet monitoring, smart office, and smart asset monitoring are going to boom in the coming years.

IoT offers countless mobile application ideas, few of which we discussed above.

However, IoT security is one which can be an instant success. Several security devices are used by the shop owners and common people at their home.

The IoT security app can control all the security systems via wi-fi. It allows the user to monitor all the camera footage and sense activities of locker straight from the app.

Moreover, with smart doors, the user can view a high-resolution video of a person standing at your door.

Similarly, IoT-enabled smoke alarms can accurately locate the exact location of fire.

Moreover, they also send you an alert to your phone to make you aware of a possibly hazardous situation.

Blockchain applications

There’s been a lot said about Blockchain, from being a technology of tomorrow or the next “internet”.


The technology which caught everyone’s eye with the success of Bitcoin have proved that it’s a lot more than just a fad and is here to stay for long.

The applications of blockchain are immense and has the capability to disrupt almost all the major industries. This is the reason why Blockchain is a mine for best mobile app ideas.

You can develop a blockchain tax and invoicing app that efficiently calculates the amount of taxi that the user needs to pay based on his income.

The app also generates invoices thus solving your business hassles.

Other blockchain app ideas include a notary app, a mobile app for storing digital identity, and Blockchain app development for gifts and loyalty programs.

Augmented reality app for interior designing

We all have seen those cool special effects used in the Ironman movie, when Tony Stark uses the futuristic version of Augmented reality technology.

We might take a few years to reach there; however, the current AR technology is awesome too and it’s growing rapidly and finding applications in various industries.

One industry in particular is of the interior designing and the furniture. This sets AR as one of the most awesome app ideas. Now let’s see how?

AR renders a real-life experience by adding virtual elements with the help of a mobile application.

Earlier, the customers would be totally confused if the dimensions, features, and overall look of a furniture would go correctly with that specific space in their house.

With an AR app, you can take the picture of your room and see if the furniture would look good there or not.

AR technology can turn out to be a great startup app idea as it allows you to tie up with various furniture and interior design companies. This can prove to be a smart way of boosting your sales and profits.


The prime purpose of creating an app is to boost your business through it. Moreover, you have to ensure that the application also stands the test of time.

These things are only possible if your application has a unique idea. And we have you covered there.

You can choose any of the mentioned application idea and build your own app on it to take your enterprise to the sky highs.