Finally, the day has come where businesses do not need to communicate phone numbers and nor they have to remember them. With AppDial, it is now easy to search, connect, and even add the companies you choose to your address book. The idea is simple – replacing phone numbers with phone names.


Key features

Replacing Phone numbers with Phone names

AppDial works to solve the business problems to obfuscate the consumer phone numbers. This app lets you fill the gap which is left the toll-free, vanity numbers by replacing the phone numbers with the phone names.

Global PhoneBook

One of the best use of AppDial is to put the integrated global book to best use. AppDial is fruitful to the individuals, companies, organizations and governments to systematically approach to the need of a global phone address book for both private and public needs.

Get all important medical numbers stored at one single place to speed dial without remembering numbers.

See the details instantly from the list for the respective medical center to help you out in emergencies.

No need to write down important medical numbers, as you can contact nearest ones swiftly from the list.

Dial within the app to not incur any call charges helping you to call even when running out of balance.

Technology stack

Wireframe tool

Just in Mind


Adobe Photoshop


Xcode, Android Studio

Backend development


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