Yelowsoft is one of the leading on-demand solution providers based in the USA. They offer various solutions like Taxi Dispatch, Food delivery, Parcel Delivery, Rental services for the customer all over the world.

Founded in 2017, YelowSoft has been providing smart, automated, and cost-efficient white-label solutions to all of its customers. Their primary aim is to automate the process of various markets with technology to help their customers gain more business by reducing manpower and leveraging technology. The co-founders of YelowSoft have prior experience in delivering taxi dispatch solutions.

With expertise in providing ride-hailing software, airport transfer solutions, and on-demand delivery software, YelowSoft has come a long way over the years in delivering exceptional results and success stories around the world.

YelowSoft helps companies with its cutting-edge technology to boost their revenues and increase their business efficiency.


The Challenge

Yelowsoft deals with one of the toughest industries which is on-demand. Here, they are bound to keep track and manage every record that generates in every single second. Yelowsoft is providing the solution as SaaS & has an issue with reliability on top of the scalability, as day by day their clients were increasing.

And they wanted to provide the best services to their clients, as they are responsible to manage customer orders, tracking drivers’ location, order management, inquiries in real-time, identifying the nearest driver, and employing for the delivery to give an enjoyable service to the customers. These all are done at the same time and it was their core need to centralize it, automate it and streamline the process that is fast, secure, and trusted.

For them (YelowSoft), it is about serving both, their client and their customers, and for that, it is very important to have a strong infrastructure with a centralized system that is scalable if and when needed, adjustable as per the demand, and can address the query of the customers in real-time without fail. Looking to the emerging demand of customers, competitors were grabbing opportunities with better infrastructure management.

To long-stand in the market, they were in an urge to have technology architecture that is scalable, secured, and at the same time can address N number of requests that can make them competitive in the market. Hence, they needed the best and most powerful cloud infrastructure that is cost-effective and is capable of handling everything between the process.

Hence, they approached Peerbits as their cloud consulting partner to increase their business efficiency.

The Solution

Yelowsoft elected peerbits as their cloud solution partner for the services they are offering. We analyzed the system of Yelowsoft, their business model, and gave them solutions in terms of Reliability, Scalability, Security, and Automating the process.

Design the best infrastructure

Having pretty much good experience with cloud computing and having expertise in AWS solutions, We took the charge of the entire Technical Architecture of the whole system.

At first, we took an in-depth understanding of the complete business model, the issues Yelowsoft was facing and what are the targets that Yelowsoft is looking for.

Moving forward with understanding and assessment of YelowSoft’s infrastructure and environment, we suggested them go with the microservice architecture to get the maximum output with the proper utilization of the server resources. This helped Yelowsoft with pricing for the cloud, and with different technology, they were able to make the services in different programming languages as well.

Moreover, playing with data storing and improving the real-time performance of the system to remain same lifetime, we decided to divide the process data into 3 layers:

  • Processing Data Layer
  • Persistent Data Layer
  • Reporting Data Layer

With different data to store with different layers or databases, Based on the throughput and update limit of the individual database. This mechanism ensured that it never impacted the running operation even though the system generated a large report and processed it for the business insights. As both the data are processed in different layers of the database.

On Top of that, Adding the Caching layer to the system makes it faster and manages the data. We made this possible for YelowSoft with complete dedication.

Auto Scalable

Interacting with YelowSoft in detail, we found that “managing load” is the core concern for YelowSoft as it was the need of the time for them. Manually deploying the instance on the server is a bad practice to manage the load.

We have highly skilled developers who know more about the system and they have experience with giant systems to handle the load.

Our DevOps engineers made the completely auto-scalable infrastructure by using the AWS autoscaling policies using the Network Load Balancer to manage the load on the server. These autoscaling policies enable us to autoscale the number of instances on increasing the usages of resources on a certain level and automatically divide and divert the traffic to the newly launched instance.

Considering the cost, The policies also downscale the instance if there is not much use of the same. In that way, it doesn’t get charged for the unused instances. This makes Yelowsoft, Completely forget or worry about the scalable factor of the server and they can more focus on the operation and feature only.

Automate Deployment Process

We made all the deployment with the pipeline only. Developers don’t need to go and upload code on the server manually. Using the pipeline, It does everything automatically for the deployment.

Once the deployment is successful, It notifies the concerned person to make him aware of the deployment status.

Applying the pipeline model and automating the deployment process, the chances of getting issues due to manual process is completely removed.

In case of the failure in deployment, it doesn’t make the whole server down, It also reverts the system with the latest version that was stable. And notify the concerned person of the failed deployment. So that team can update the code and start deployment again.

Monitoring and Logging

Being one of the leading Cloud consulting services providers for years, we accommodate smart and experienced DevOps engineers that made the YelowSoft team capable to review the usage of the server leveraging the potential of some tools like Newrelic, Cloudwatch, Datadog, etc.

Using Newrelic, we empowered Yelowsoft to identify which table in the database or which query in the system taking what time and they need to work on optimizing the storing the data process.

Adding the Notification event for certain levels of usage increases gives more idea to yellow soft regarding the where and what resources are used much. This really helps them to identify the dark areas of their infrastructure and make it more efficient to use.

Lastly, giving the server logs access using a Datadog like a tool, gives the whole understanding of the journey of the client, Where he started and at what stage he got stuck, this makes it much easier for the Yelowsoft team, to find the issue before their customer raises it to them.


The Opportunity

Reliable Technology Stack that can fit the business needs

Yelowsoft was working with on-demand services, Where the calculation is made very fast, and the server needs to react to the calculator at the same moment. Yelowsoft needs high-end server infrastructure which can be used to get analytical reports, real-time processing, Real-time event-driven system, and upon that it has to be secured.

Managing the Load

Moving with the SaaS-based solution, Scalability was the core concern for Yelowsoft as well as it was concerned for their clients too. Being in the same model, Any client who does many rides or a large number of operations over the system will give an impact on all the customers Because the system is central.

Moreover, manually increasing the system instances also creates issues with the access and that is unpredictable for the team. Having customers from all over the world, It is not decided when the server load will be increasing and when there will be low requests. Yelowsoft needed a much easier solution to manage the load on the server. That is easy to manage, scalable and adjustable at any moment of the time as per the demand.

Deployment Process

Working in a large organization, It is obvious that not all people get access to the server. Adding more, deploy changes to the server may create issues with the deployment as it is a human tendency. Yelowsoft was having the same issue, many times they get issues while deployment to the server due to mistakes by the team, as they manually follow steps to do the deployment. The dependency on the network team for developers is also one of the major drawbacks that affect the process and delivery.

Finding the Defects

The concern is yet not ended even though it is defined and deployed on the server. Given support to the customer, Yelowsoft daily gets the issues & queries from the customer. And as it is a cloud system checking what is happening and what is the cause of the breakdown in the server was also not possible as there are no records available to monitor. Yelowsoft wanted to identify the defect, and what the cause was. They want to know the exact scenario with the time and monitor it for a certain time period so that they can find the solution for defects.

Technology stack

We have utilized a number of cutting-edge technologies and tools for the successful completion of this project. Some of the tools and technologies used by us mentioned below:



Elastic Cloud


Mongo Atlas





Yelowsoft has many clients all over the globe and they have many success stories running a large number on the system. Without any effect on the operation, we helped them to reduce the cost of the server by almost 30%, boost their engineer’s productivity, increase their business efficiency and made their current infrastructure environment cloud-friendly, highly secured, and scalable compare to the previous one. The automation process has completely eliminated the issue with the deployment and dependency of the networking team.

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