BoxD is an application enabling you to get the details like the list, schedule, and synopsis of your favorite TV shows at one place. Favorite shows can be boxed to get push notifications and gentle reminders for the same. BoxD brings together all the fans of a particular program by the options of chat and timeline feeds.


Key features

Audio recognition

You can record or upload audio tracks of TV programs, and BOXD executes a search to match algorithm in the background to find the exact TV programs details including channel name, time, etc. You get all the updates in the form of push notifications.

My smile cards

Watching advertisements and completing other activities enables you to get Smiley points.Smiley points can be used to purchase items from the Smiley store or redeemed for gift cards

One to one chat with other BoxD users.

Group chats based on the interest of programs.

Timeline feed function to get the latest updates from the TV shows.

Exclusive smiley store with unique items available for purchase

Technology stack

Wireframe tool

Just in Mind


Adobe Photoshop


Xcode, Android Studio

Backend development


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