Peerbits is extremely happy to share its recent success story of building a custom on-demand fuel delivery solution packed with 2 mobile apps and 1 web (Admin) made using Flutter, a leading cross-platform app development technology. The scope of this intelligent application is to ease the lives of citizens of Oman by providing them with an on-demand fuel delivery solution at their convenient place & at their fingertips. The concept is to make the fuel available on wheels for the wheels of their customers in minutes and save their precious time and make life-long customers.

The intelligent app is not just enabling fuel delivery on wheels but also can offer additional services like Vehicle pick & drop service, Vehicle cleaning services from inside & outside, Oil Topup, Battery boosting service, and tire change service.

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The Challenge

Make fuel accessible to every citizen

Our client already had taken a step by building an app to help the people of its nation find their fuel stations at their fingertips using an app. This time with the effect of covid, more people turned to digitalization which encouraged him to move one step ahead by making strong software that can help every citizen of Oman. The client wanted us to make an on-demand app that can help every vehicle user in the country order fuel whenever they need it and wherever they need it within Oman’s boundary.

Create a smart automated backend

Along with the solution for customers, the client also wanted a smart, powerful, and reliable backend that can manage end-to-end fuel delivery operations. He also wanted the software to be smart enough to update the system with the real-time activities customers and drivers do like filling the fuel from the fuel station in the driver's truck to the fuel selling and filling into the vehicles of customers. It was a challenge to make the backend powerful and smart enough that meets the evolving demand and also manage data in real-time.

Delivery fuel on wheels

A challenge to transform the dream into reality. The client wanted us to make it possible to deliver the fuel on wheels to the vehicles of the nation in minutes. To make this possible we had to make the on-demand fuel delivery solution packed with 3 different software that includes: 1. Fuely customer app. 2. Fuely captain (driver) app. 3. Fuely admin panel.

The Solution

Developed a comprehensive on-demand Scheduling fuel delivery solution

A team of backend developers, front-end developers, and QA engineers collaboratively invested their time to make a comprehensive on-demand scheduling fuel delivery system. A team of experts employed Flutter to make 2 apps (Customer side app and Captain/driver app) and 1 web admin panel using the most popular & secure technology.

Built strong automated backend

Our experts invested their energy, time, knowledge, and experience to make the backend strong that is not just making the data-transition automated but making it most reliable where clients can focus on enhancing the business. We employed the PHP language to prepare the entire backend along with the most popular framework Laravel making it ideal for the client company’s daily uses.

Made fuel delivery app for customers

Our developers employed Flutter a cross-platform app development framework to build an app for both iOS and Android, as it was the need of our client to make to reach a wider audience. To help the client launch the bugfree app in the market early, we followed an agile development process, applied standard development practices, and daily scrum calls. Our designers used top-class designing tools and implanted their years of experience to make the app customer-centric, craft intuitive design and UI that is easy to use and order. This expertise helped our client get maximum downloads and regular orders.

Key features

Past Orders

Customers can see the history of the orders they made earlier. They can also repeat the order from the history if wants to, this prevents them from refilling the whole information again and saves time.


Customers can reach out to the support team of the company within the app only. They just have to raise their query by mentioning the subject, and description, attaching a document, and press send.

Select a car

This feature allows users to select a car and the type of fuel they want (M91 & M95) before they submit their order through the app.

Select fuel quantity

Users can select any fuel quantity from the prefix list, view the prices for the same, and submit the order.

View the job

This feature is available in the driver's app where the driver gets the job notification and can view the detailed job description including vehicle type, color, fuel type, and more.

In-built checklist

This feature is from the driver's app that guides the driver to follow the security precautions before filling the fuel in the vehicle, including putting safety cones around the vehicle, a fire extinguisher, and more necessary steps.

The technology stack we
employed to build this smart project

Our team of experts invested their experience and employed top-class and powerful technologies In the journey of this unique project development. Some of the technologies and tools are as follows:

Cross Platform










Realtime notification