Advanced Cab Booking App:
Reserve your Monthly Rides at Your Fingertips




Tired of booking cabs on daily basis? We have developed an app which will bring an end to this headache. This new age cab booking app is a revelation in the market. It is primarily focused on daily commuters. The ones who need to travel daily to same or different locations. Just go to the app and find the nearest cab. Travel daily, if you wish. Enjoy traveling without waiting for a new ride every now and then. Stay relaxed and have a safe, reliable and affordable ride.

It also provides an opportunity to drive and make quick money. Just sign up and here you go! Make money on your own terms with no office, boss or any hassles. Each ride is fully GPS tracked and enables you to check how much money you made every time. Get paid directly into your bank account weekly. It is an amazing opportunity for drivers to make money: quickly and consistently.



One of the biggest challenges was to set up the payment dashboard for drivers. Where they would get paid weekly. Setting up API which would make sure easy transactions between the company and the bank. Additionally, we had to develop an algorithm which would calculate the amount of money paid to the driver and the company’s commission.

For the verification process, we had to develop an API to access government’s database. This would verify all the drivers and vehicles ensuring sheer safety.

We wanted to add a feature where the drivers could select its source and destination location while adding trips. They could select their own visibility radius. So, if any passenger who falls within the visibility range of driver will be able to avail its services.



To deal with all the challenges, we worked out on the following solutions. We built a custom algorithm and API which would ensure smooth transactions and payments for the drivers. It made sure that the drivers are getting paid on time and corresponding commission charges are deducted.

As passenger safety is our main motto, we made sure that the drivers and vehicles are properly verified. To do that we used API provided by the Saudi government.

We successfully developed the customized API with which driver can set his source and destination location while adding trips.

Passenger’s App


Book Monthly Rides in Advance

trptic booking

This app provides easy daily rides at the tip of our fingers. No need of booking cabs again and again. Just book once and have a good time traveling for months.

Comparison by Price

Our app provides a feature which helps the customers to check prices of different drivers. And hence helps them to choose the most economical price. Drivers are in constant competition with each other due to this, which ultimately helps customers availing services at low rates.

Multiple Payment Options

trptic payment

The app is profoundly flexible on payment options. You can pay via cash, credit cards, wallet, and Sadad accounts. This flexibility and abundance of options suffice needs of every customer.

Verified Drivers

All the drivers and their vehicles are verified with the help of Saudi government’s API.

GPS Enabled

We use latest GPS technology, which enables our drivers to locate the passengers at utmost accuracy and preciseness. This preciseness saves the time of both driver and the passenger. At the same time avoids circumstances such quarrels or fights.

Rating & Review

We give a great deal of attention while reviewing a driver. Reviewing process of drivers is based on customer’s rating and driver’s service.

Driver’s App


Be Your Own Boss

trptic radius

This app is the best way to be profitable on your own terms. No office no boss, still earn money consistently on weekly basis. The money will directly go to your account. Just download the app, signup and start making some quick bucks.

Choose Your Visibility Radius

The driver can also set its visibility radius. For example, if a driver has set its visibility radius as 5 km, then the passenger who is farther than 5 km won’t be able to avail his services. Drivers can decide how far they want to go to pick up a passenger.

Real-Time Notifications

trptic notification

The driver receives real-time notifications of passenger’s request meanwhile they can also update passengers by sending messages.

Help & Support

We have incorporated user-friendly, convenient navigation and help support system. It helps you to explore opportunities to make some extra money. It also assists you to add trips in the simplest way possible.

Technology Stack






android studio

Android Studio

Network request


Fabric io
Library Dependency


cocoa pods
Library Dependency


payfort icon
Payment Gateway


Facebook, Google, Twitter

Social SDK



This app got an enormous response from everywhere. People who travel on daily basis saw a solution in it. And for drivers, it became their bread and butter.

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