For the buzzing social bee inside you, club check is the one stop app for those wishing to discover and meet new people. One of the most socially lucrative feature is profile creation that enhances your social visibility throughout the community.

The brilliance of Club Check app lies in its ability to search for the nearest discos to let you have a blast. Not only this, it also entails the club-related information to comprehend your choices.


Key features

Personal Profile

Club Check allows users to make a profile which enable them to do multiple tasks. This inculcates checking into the pubs and clubs, uploading their personal profile. It is possible to search others in the social circle who have checked-in to different venues.

Club Manager Profile

A manager profile is useful to gain footfalls in to the clubs on regular basis. With a club manager profile, one can upload the club logo, update the information pertaining to the various offers and attraction, and all this comes integrated with the GPS map location. The another significant feature which lets you keep a tab on the number of guests is that it also shows number of check-ins.

An instant & Hassle-free registration process for the users & club managers.

Simple login Procedure to discover nearby clubs, make check-in activities, and also add the same to your favorites.

Club managers can access the check-in statuses of all the party enthusiasts.

There are plenty of in-app purchases to reap the full advantage of Club Check app.

Technology stack

Wireframe tool

Just in Mind


Adobe Photoshop



Backend development


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