Peerbits is glad to announce that we have developed an application and a website that serves as a platform between the shippers and the carriers for the shipment of items. Shippers are the one who want to send or receive an item. Similarly, carriers are the ones who carry those items either from the shippers or to the shippers.

The application and website will have three tabs: 1. Items, 2. Packages, 3. Carriers.

Items: These are the items that would be requested by the shippers. They can add a new request for a new item.

Packages: These are the items that a shipper wants to send to a different location. They can add a new request for their package.

Carriers: These are the people who either ship’s packages to them or from them. They can add their trip through which the shippers can connect to them.

There will be list of items, packages, and carriers which will display all the requests that haven’t been accepted along with the information such as name, location, delivery date, em cost, and carrier reward.


The Challenge

Earlier shippers faced difficulties in finding a trusted carrier that could carry their packages. Another challenge that our team faced was of developing an algorithm that would match the shippers and carriers based on items, requests, and trips. Along with this we had the challenge of developing a multi currency module management. We also had to figure out as to how we will develop a chat module along with order status management for various scenarios.

The Solution

Our solution includes two level verification for a carrier which ensures the security. We also integrated Hyperpay payment gateway to support card as well as PayPal payments. Our team of developers built an algorithm that matches the shippers and the carriers. At last we did Firebase Implementation for the chat & instant status update.

Key features


Shippers and carriers can use various filters their requests on various parameters like store type, package size, weight, item price, offer value, pick-up location, drop-off location, and delivery date.

Chat for query

Shippers and carriers can chat with each other and can clarify any query regarding the shipment like price difference, place to meet and many other.

Rate shippers & carriers

All the users whether shippers or carriers can rate their experience once the shipment is completed and payment is done.

Bilingual application

Apart from sending funds you can also pay for your friends’ and family’s loan. Your money will act as an installment for the loan.


Once the shipper or carriers put his/her details on the website and the mobile application, they will get suggestions accordingly to facilitate easy matching between shippers and the carriers.

Technology stack





Payment Gateway


Crash Reporting



Both the application and website got a tremendous response from people as it emerged as an economical alternative.

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