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Project Description

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Why cook? When you have FiveOH


Searching a meal from restaurant under $5 was never this easy. Thanks to FiveOH, an ultimate food discovery app which helps you find food in your budget. With FiveOH, it is possible to locate the restaurants, get the timing information, and the wide menu to select food from.All you need to do is allow your location to be traced and FiveOH will search all the nearby restaurants in one click.

Wide range of price range

Not limiting your meal option to just $5, FiveOH provides you with gamut of food items to select from. Just out your preferred meal budget and let FiveOH do the rest.

Integrated maps

This is where we out all our efforts to ease up meal ordering for users. With maps integrated in FiveOH, it becomes easy to find restaurants nearby your area. Not only this, it also has an option to adjust the map radius so search from wide range of restaurants.

Exclusive features

  • FiveOh comes preloaded with the one-touch social media sharing.
  • Displays all the nearest restaurants with related menu and food item details to have an extensive comparison.
  • Take the full control at your own comfort. See where exactly you are and which restaurant will deliver in the fastest time
  • Get the ideal food images before you order. FiveOH integrates food images from various restaurants.


  • Wireframe tool: Just in Mind
  • Design: Adobe Photoshop
  • Development: Xcode, Android Studio
  • Backend development: PHP

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