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Project Description


Flash Tag

Android Nigeria

Flashtag is an Android app that uses Near Field Communication capability built into your device to transfer and receive funds. In addition, the app scans NFC tags to retrieve additional information and activate certain functions on your device. The inbuild wallet is safe and convenient to use than a plastic card.

The Challenges & Solutions

  • Near Field Communication is relatively a newer technology. We ran into many bottlenecks while trying to integrate the functionality into the app.
  • For fintech apps, integrating payment gateway has always been the most basic yet challenging part. After all, people will trust the app with their money
  • One of the principle functionalities of the app included, scanning, and reading NFC tags. Surprisingly, Android SDK’s native API for reading the NFC tag came to the rescue and we could not only enable it but also could make it a lot faster
  • There was no point of developing an fintech apps if payment gateway Integration is absent. We integrated payment gateway using third party API’s for secure transaction and to enable wallet.

1 People

Team Size

2 Weeks

Project Duration

Technology Stack

Just in Mind

Wireframe tool

Android Studio


Adobe Photoshop



Backend development

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