Do you get strong cravings for your favorite food; but are too lazy to go for it? Well, we got a perfect app for you. Now your favorite cuisines are just a few clicks away. We have developed an app which will provide you with food from all the corners of Tampa Bay.

It’s easy; just go to our website or download our app and order food from your favorite restaurants. We provide many filters to select your food. We’ve got a team of accomplished delivery boys who would deliver your food hot, fresh, and on time. This app is presently available for only Tampa Bay and nearby regions. This app is also available in Spanish.


The Challenge

Perhaps, the biggest challenge was to maintain the order status in real time for the user, restaurant, and the driver. The client wanted us to formulate such algorithm which would show a user the order status for all the activities. Meanwhile, we also had to make sure that there is proper coordination between the restaurant preparing food and driver picking it up. As any miscommunication or error in order status could cause a delay in delivery.

The second challenge was to develop an algorithm which would select drivers for the deliveries. We had to keep in mind the different criteria. These criteria were
  • Driver’s Availability
  • Driver’s location from the restaurant
  • Ensuring equal opportunities for all drivers

The Solution

We made two tables for actors. One table was for both user and restaurant. The other one was solely for the driver. This bifurcation helped us to achieve our object. The user would get status of all the activities starting from the order confirmation till the driver delivers the food. The restaurant will get notification of order placement from the user. It will then send a notification to the driver a few minutes prior to its order completion. The driver after receiving notification will reach the restaurant, take the package and deliver it to the user.

We successfully formulated the algorithm for selection of drivers. All the criteria were kept in mind. This ensured equal opportunities for all drivers, also the fact that a single driver was not bombarded with too many tasks.

Key features

Filter it Out

We have integrated various search and filter options; making it easier for customers to find food as per their requirements. Users can search food & restaurants based on cuisine type, ratings, and order processing time. These options provide clarity and enhance user’s experience.

The menu on Your Tab

Explore new varieties of cuisines from your favorite restaurants. We provide you access to their updated menu. Don’t miss any opportunity to try new arrivals or any exotic dish. Keep an eye out for discount offers.

Quick Delivery Guaranteed

We guarantee quick delivery of your orders. We have developed such optimized system which helps delivery boys to quickly deliver your food without any delays. We make sure that the food delivered to you is Fresh and Hot.

Payment Management of Delivery Boys and Admins

We make sure that all our allies are getting paid fairly. We have developed such system which divides shares of delivery boys and restaurants in a definite proportion. As a result, delivery boys and restaurants get paid accordingly without any inconvenience.

Technology stack




Xcode, Android Studio

Payment Gateway


Library Dependency

Fabric, Cocoapods

Network request




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