Haz is an Android app to inspect machineries placed in Oil and Gas Industries. An inspector with the app on his smart phone can examine high sensitive areas in the industry, where smartphone usage is, otherwise, prohibited.

Expertise Delivered



Oil & Gas

Team Size

25 Weeks

Project Duration


The Challenge

Usage of electromagnetic device like a smartphone in the oil industry carries fire hazards

To make all the relevant app data available offline and syncing that data when the phone goes online

The Solution

We made the app work in offline mode to quash the emission of electromagnetic waves that a cellular phone active on a cellular network or Wi-Fi radiates and may inflate inflammable fluids around.

We stored all the data required for successful inspection of the machineries in the smartphone’s local database and the app would sync the acquired data with the server when online.

Key features

Site Info

Learn about the site from the date plate


Perform inspection, enforce regulation in a hazardous area like an oil field with a smartphone app

Visual Inspection

Carry visual inspection of the site, wait for the inspector to upload the results in the app

Equipment Protections

Set a location parameter you feel is the nearest to you and interests you to discover new people or liking

Detailed Report

A report inclusive of hazardous area classifications and equipment nameplate details and result, passed or failed

Regulations & Compliances

A handbook for people working with electric equipment in hazardous areas is available within the app

Technology stack

Wireframe tool

Just in Mind


Android Studio


Adobe Photoshop

Backend development


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