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Project Description

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A dedicated sticker expression app, designed exclusively for African Facebook users


Expressing your messages with emoticons was never this easy and fun. KOKO makes it possible.

KOKO is messenger driven mobile app made exclusively for African Facebook Users. The main purpose of the KOKO app is to let its users communicate with each other through expressions and emoticons. KOKO, rated 4+ in the Google play is creating waves across the African countries.

KOKO’s wide range of African expressions used on social media includes expressions from their favourite celebrities that express happiness, surprise, greetings, joy, laughter, celebration and plenty others to add up in the list.

African lingos and slangs

Keeping the local lingo in mind, the KOKO app involves fun expressions to communicate with friends over messenger. This includes plenty of day-to-day expressions with ultimate text support to customize the message.

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Wide variety of human emoticons

Choose and send expressions from a wide range of integrated human emoticon. KOKO makes communication easy. Supports blending of emoticons with texts. This makes possible to give a humanly expressions with emotion easily. It comes equipped with vast library to choose from.

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Exclusive features

  • Send human faced emotions through special emoticons for Facebook.
  • Get emoticons for almost every possible occasion for a quick reply.
  • Express daily communication with ease, whether a common man or a celebrity.
  • Happiness, anger, surprise, sorrow, or more, the best sticker app for emoting out.


  • Wireframe tool: Just in Mind
  • Design: Adobe Photoshop
  • Development: Android Studio
  • Backend development: PHP

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