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Unlock Official Guestbooks at public and private occasions, add pictures and notes, and check the entries left by others. Create a history of your community and private visits and see what memories continue to be left in those guestbooks. If not, create your own book for free.

The Challenges & Solutions

  • To sync multiple pictures with associated comments even when the app is offline
  • To place Dotty QR on image using a complex series of calculations
  • To make the sync possible, we established a local database. We called a module to poll the internet connection status. The app attempts to upload any pending comment and update its status accordingly.
  • We based the Dotty QR code on the co-ordinates of an image to conduct parameters based complex mathematical calculations and defining relevant image size & resolution.

8 People

Team Size

12 Weeks

Project Duration

Technology Stack

Just in Mind

Wireframe tool

Android Studio


Adobe Photoshop



Backend development

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