Unlock Official Guestbooks at public and private occasions, add pictures and notes, and check the entries left by others. Create a history of your community and private visits and see what memories continue to be left in those guestbooks. If not, create your own book for free.

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Travel & Local

Team Size

12 Weeks

Project Duration


The Challenge

To sync multiple pictures with associated comments even when the app is offline

To place Dotty QR on image using a complex series of calculations

The Solution

To make the sync possible, we established a local database. We called a module to poll the internet connection status. The app attempts to upload any pending comment and update its status accordingly.

We based the Dotty QR code on the co-ordinates of an image to conduct parameters based complex mathematical calculations and defining relevant image size & resolution.

Key features


People on your watchlist, your past few visits, and sources of inspiration is the single app page

Your Visits

Know places you visited, hosted and have been watching, including a brief instinct of place last visited


A user can create a new guest book with a title and a short description, including the date and time


An interactive overview of the all the cool places you visited to unlock a new guest book, official or created


Many people are on your watchlist so are you in many people’s. Learn who all those people are

Your Guestbooks

Look at all the guestbooks that you created, how many entries each has and when they were created.

Technology stack

Wireframe tool

Just in Mind


Android Studio


Adobe Photoshop

Backend development


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