Peerbits is glad to develop a Smart city app for emergency services. Our client from Brazil wanted us to develop a unique app which would prove to be a boon for those who get stuck in perilous situations. The user has to simply send a request stating information such as location, name (optional), and other incident details. The operators of that area will receive the request and will quickly act upon it.

The operator will gain more information through chatting. The chat here supports videos, audio, text, and images. Operator will then assign the task to one of the agent present close to the incident location. The agent will then go to the incident location and rescue the user from any emergency.


The Challenge

The app had a complex flow and the main challenge that we faced was to ensure that the execution of all the actions take place in real-time. We had to ensure that the requests made by the user went to all the operators of that region. Moreover, once an operator accepts the request then it must not be visible to any other operator in that region.

Similarly, we had to ensure that when the operator assigns the task to the agent then it must not appear on any other agent’s app. Biggest challenge was to ensure that all these actions are updated on the app and web on real-time.

The Solution

To resolve the above issue, we used Realtime firebase db. This enabled the execution of the incident request on all the operators’ screen at once. Moreover, it also ensured that the once the request is assigned to an operator and an agent then it would be no longer visible on the app and screens of operators and agents respectively.

Key features

Location-wise services

The user will see only those service centers which are close to his/her area. This helps the agents to reach the location of incident faster.

Share information

The user can share the details of the incident to the operator in multiple forms such as text, images, audio, and video files.

Stay anonymous

This app takes care of your privacy and thus it has a feature which allows you to send a request without revealing your identity.

Filter incidents

The user can see all the past incidents and filter it out based on several parameters like date, ID, and location.

View citizen’s location

The agent can view the citizen’s current location which helps him/her to reach at the location of incident conveniently and swiftly.

Share information

Like citizen, agents can too share information to their respective operators in the form of text, audio, images, and videos.

View shift & route

The agent can view his/her shift & route from the app which is assigned to him/her for that day.


The agent’s app is GPS enabled which shows real-time location of the user and suggests various routes to reach there.

Technology stack


Swift, Kotlin



Realtime database






Network Request




Crash Reports



This app turned out to be revolutionary as many people who were stuck in an emergency were able to call for help on time.