Peerbits increased its tally of on-demand applications with the latest inclusion of a gas delivery application. This on-demand mobile application assists you to book your gas cylinder in a jiffy. Simply download, register, and order your gas cylinder and you will receive it in a matter of few minutes. The app has four actors which are:

  • User
  • Vendor
  • Rider
  • Admin

Customer can choose from variety of gas brands, cylinder size, and quantity. Moreover, they can either buy a new cylinder with or without accessories or they can simply refill their cylinder. The user can make payment offline or online only after they receive the cylinder.


The Challenge

Our developers faced several challenges while developing this app. Out of which two major challenges were of push notification and the acknowledgment of request confirmation. So, the push notification for the order was getting delayed from the server end as the system sometimes failed to recognize the nearby available drivers.

This error resulted in the delay of gas delivery to the customer. Secondly, due to the previous issue the customers were not getting any acknowledgement of their request status. As a result, the customers used to get confused which eventually lead them to quit the app which increased the bounce rate.

The Solution

So, to resolve the issue of the push notification we implemented socket in the project. This catalyzed the process of checking the availability of riders and assigning them with the request.

Due to which there was no delays in the delivery of the gas cylinders to the customers. Moreover, customers got the confirmation once their request got accepted which reduced the bounce rate.

Key features

Easy to Order

No need to be on phone for a long time just order your gas cylinder with just few taps on your mobile phones.

Track Your Rider

With this feature you can constantly track your rider and get to know about his/her location in the real-time.

Multiple mode of payment

Multiple mode makes the payment process convenient. You can either pay via cash, Mpesa, Airtel money, Equitel, Visa or Mastercard.

Get rid of paperwork

Get all the invoices and the receipts directly on your app. You can also access records of previous orders on your phone at any instant.

Purchase or refill cylinders

With this app you can either buy a new gas cylinder (with or without accessories) or refill your old cylinder.

Choose your gas brand, size, and quantity

This app allows you to choose from plethora of gas brands in your locality. Moreover, you can choose the size of cylinder or quantity of gas to be filled in your old cylinder.

Delivery Address

This app allows you to add more than one delivery address. Once you’re done you can use any of the address to receive your orders.

Accept a request

The rider will receive request on the app only if he/she is available to deliver the order. He/she can accept or decline order as per their convenience.

Google map navigation

Rider will be assisted with Google map navigation system. This will help them to reach at the drop off point swiftly without any delay or hassle.

Order description

The rider will get a detail and precise information about the order such as: expected time of delivery, user’s address, order’s specifications etc.

Payment mode (Chosen by the customer)

Rider will be notified about the payment mode selected by the customer. This feature will help to avoid any kind of confusion.

Cancel Order Request

In case, if the rider is not able to deliver the order due to any reason then he/she can simply cancel the order. Once the order is cancelled, the request will go to the next free rider available.

Manage products

In this feature the vendors after signing up will fill up the quantity of products that they have in their inventory.

Manage orders

This feature allows the vendors to keep track of every order. They can see all the orders that are accepted, rejected, or cancelled by rider.

Manage riders

Track whereabouts and activities of all your riders in an instant. Instruct your riders in case of any emergency.


Get detailed report & analytics on total sales, delivered orders, and upcoming orders. You can also identify riders with most number of deliveries.


The vendors can see the overall transactions occurring over the day, week, or any duration set by them. It also bifurcates the transactions into offline and online payments.

Technology stack




Xcode, Visual studio

Crash Reporting


Network Request




Crash Reports


Social SDK


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