Peerbits is proud to develop an app which acts as a platform for both salon service providers and the customers. Now there is no need to wait in the queue for a haircut. This mobile app directly enables you to book an appointment with your favourite hairdresser. Once booked, you may either go to the service provider’s salon or the service provider can come to your place.

There’s an app each for service provider and the user. Both the apps have their salient features which give immense benefits to their respective parties. This app allows you to pay for the services by both the modes: Offline and Online. Once the user has booked for an appointment, he/she can cancel or reschedule it as per his/her convenience.


The Challenge

The client wanted us to incorporate multiple currencies in the app including their conversion rates which was a challenge. Moreover, client also wanted to keep Euro as the base currency. So, our developers have to accomplish these two tasks ensuring that there is no compromise with the quality and performance of the app.

The Solution

To pull-off these challenges our developers integrated third party API for currency conversion. Along with it they ensured that the base currency was Euro. Additionally, the developers ensured that the API was called every 24 hours to calibrate the conversion rate with the new and updated rates of different currencies.

Key features

Display and Manage Your Services

This feature is available on the service provider’s app. In this the service provider/salon owner can display and manage all the services which he/she provides. On one hand, this feature acts as a portfolio for the service provider. While on the other hand, it provides various options for the users to choose from.

Manage Availability

This feature is for service provider as he/she can manage their availability. A salon owner can manage and assign different tasks to its different employees based on their availability. A freelancer can show his/her availability on the app according to which the users can book for the services

Provide Combo Offers

In this feature the service provider/salon owner can provide various lucrative deals to customers. They can offer a combo of two or three services at a discount. This feature helps the service providers to add more options for the users. This feature is surely an arrow in the quiver for the service providers.


In this section the user can fill all the details of the allergies if he/she has any. This will prevent cases in which doctor prescribes medication to which the patient is allergic, causing harm.

Pay in Multiple Currencies

This is a unique feature which is for both service providers as well as for the users. Using this feature the customer can pay in any currency. However, the rates are as per Euro and it converts the price to your desired currency as per the conversion rate. This feature gets updated every 24 hours to calibrate the current currency conversion rate.

Book, Cancel and Reschedule Your Booking

This feature is solely available for the users. It empowers them as they can book any service they like. Similarly, in any case of emergency the users can cancel or reschedule the appointment at some other time. This feature helps the users to enjoy such tremendous flexibility as far as booking of a service is concerned.

Offer Introductory Promo Codes

This feature is for the admin side. The admin of this panel can provide exciting offers for both the service providers as well as the customers. For example, they can offer 50% off & 50% bonus for the first 5 appointments for both users and service providers respectively. These offers would surely increase the app downloads.

Earn and Redeem Loyalty Points

This app also allows a chance to obtain referral bonuses. All you got to do is refer your friends to download this app. Once he/she downloads it, you will be rewarded with a referral bonus. You can gain these referrals every time you refer it to your friend. Apart from this, you can also gain various loyalty points and redeem it as per your wish.

Technology stack


Swift, Java


Xcode, Visual studio

Payment Gateway


Crash Reporting


Image caching


Network request (Android)


Social SDK



Both the parties, Service providers and the Users gracefully embraced the App. This app proved to be a common platform which bridged the gap between the Service Providers and Users

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