Peerbits is proud to come up with a yet another on-demand application for our client in Qatar. We’ve developed an on-demand food delivery platform for restaurants from where they can search and request a delivery boy to deliver food items from their restaurants to the customer’s location. This on-demand application is exclusively available for the restaurants and its delivery boy.

There’s no customer application available, we’ve aimed our application only at the restaurant. That’s why the restaurants have to enter the customer’s contact number so that they receive SMS with all the delivery details. The admin can choose the delivery boy either manually or automatically. The app streamlines the restaurant’s order and delivery processes.


The Challenge

The major challenge faced by our client was of the efficient management of delivery orders and the delivery boys. Moreover, they wanted a solution that can effortlessly assign the delivery tasks to the delivery boys. A solution that can assign the tasks by optimizing the routes of delivery boys in such a way that they reach the customer’s location at the earliest.

The Solution

Our team of developers assessed all the challenges and came up with a solution that can take care of all the delivery requests, schedules, and assignment of multiple restaurants. With the help of this solution now you can deliver all your orders to your customers via delivery boys. This solution also helps you to find the most suitable delivery boy for an order.

Key features

View nearby delivery boys

This application allows the restaurant owners to view the nearby delivery boys. This feature helps them to choose the nearest delivery boy for a quick delivery.

Change customer location

Many a time it happens that the customers ask for the delivery at a different location. In such cases, this feature comes handy where a restaurant can change the customer’s location.

Manually assign task to the delivery boys

Apart from automatically assigning the tasks to the delivery boys, our application also allows the restaurants to manually pick a delivery boy for the task.

View history of completed deliveries

See how many orders were delivered from your restaurant with this feature that shows you a comprehensive history of all the completed deliveries.

Accept or reject order

All the delivery boys can accept or reject any order based on their convenience, time availability, location, and many other factors.

View delivery task details

The delivery app shows all the delivery task details such as the location of the restaurant, location of customers, name of customer, and other important details.

Navigate with maps

Our app shows delivery boys their current location. Moreover, it also helps them in navigation by providing accurate directions and route suggestions.

View optimized route

Many a time, a single delivery boy gets assigned with multiple deliveries. In such cases, our app shows him the optimized route to complete his deliveries in the quickest time.

Technology stack


Swift, Java


Xcode, Android studio







Crash Reports


Network Request


Crash Reporting



The application was a huge success and contributed heavily in making the delivery task streamlined, easy, and quicker than ever.

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