Peerbits is extremely happy to develop one more On-demand application. This application delivers you with any item that you need. Just go to the app and select any item from the store and get it delivered by our client’s team of skilled drivers. You can order things such as groceries, office supplies, retail, pet supplies, etc.

The app has cashless, fast, and convenient service. It guarantees you to deliver the package within an hour. Moreover, you can communicate with the driver carrying you package at any instant. In case, the item is unavailable then you’ll be notified immediately. This service is only available in the 30-sq. mile area of Augusta River Region including Fort Gordon.


The Challenge

Our developers faced numerous challenges while building this app. First challenge was to manage the issue of unavailable items. Second issue was to manage background processes where the client wanted to make the last decision on the unattended orders. Last challenge was to come up with a customized library for the chart of upcoming orders.

The Solution

Our proficient developers solved all the challenges one by one. They used Firebase Realtime Database and the Job Scheduler to resolve the issue of chats and the background order status. Moreover, they built custom library which helped them to create a chart that would mention all the upcoming orders which are scheduled later.

Key features

Order items

The user can order items either from the partnered stores (stores added by the admin) or from the store which you like (you can add store of your choice).

Order custom items

Is the item you want to buy unavailable on the app? Don’t worry just add the details of your custom item to place an order.

Receive your item within an hour

One of the greatest feature of this app is that, it guarantees you to deliver your item within the one-hour from your scheduled time.

Track your order

You can track your order on the app. The app provides you with real-time location of the driver. Moreover, you can chat with the driver in case of any emergency or delay.

Availability status & price of items

In case, the item ordered by you is unavailable, you will be notified along with the list of alternative items. Moreover, you’ll receive price of some items via notification which are not mentioned in the app.

Receive requests

As soon as someone orders you’ll receive the request on your device. You can either accept or reject the request as per your convenience.

Manage orders

This app allows you to manage all your orders effectively be it the past orders, upcoming orders, or any new order request.

Earn incentives

This app also allows you to earn some extra cash. All you have to do is deliver your orders in quick time and receive positive customer feedback.


You will be assisted by navigation technology that will guide you to reach at the pick up & delivery point with utmost accuracy.

Manage order status

This feature assists you to manage and make alterations in the order status by contacting the customer through chat.

Technology stack


Swift, Java


Xcode, Visual studio

Data storage


Crash Reporting


Network Request

Alamofire, Retrofit

Social SDK



This app proved to be a huge success in Augusta River Region. It received a lot of good reviews from the locals for its unique features and services.

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