Hospitals and Nursing Homes are always in quest of healthcare professionals; so are the individuals who require medical assistance. Peerbits has developed an app which bridges the gap between the two. Users can send request as per their requirements like scheduled date & time and qualification. Service providers would receive these requests and respond to it accordingly. All the service-providers must provide their hourly rate which is subject to negotiation.

The data filled includes Date, Time, Location, Weather, Wind speed, Temperature, Barometer, Wind Direction, Lunar Phase. Our developers used 3rd party API to extract all the above data. To capture the photo, it is imperative for the user to open the app.


The Challenge

The healthcare professionals render their service for a definite period. However, many times they worked longer than their designated time due to several reasons. So, we had to come up with a solution to resolve this issue. Secondly, there are many scenarios which comprise the cancellation and extension of services. So, we had to ensure payments for any such events.

There is always a fear of fake accounts in such apps which consumes the time of service providers as well as the users. We had to take steps to prevent all such accounts. Similarly, we also had to take strict actions to stop cancellations from the contractors.

The Solution

We started conquering all the challenges one by one. First, we provided a notification alert which was inbuilt in the app. This alert would notify the service provider that his service is about to end. So, he can either end his service or ask for an extension which the user will approve of his will.

We formulated an algorithm which did all the calculations for service-providers payment after the events like service cancellation & extension. Introduction of base price was critical as it helped in confirming the bookings. Base price assisted in building trust between the parties before the beginning of service.

There was a fear that service-providers might indulge in the malpractice of serial cancellation of services for petty reasons. To prevent this, we included three strike policy. Under this policy, if a service provider cancels his shifts or services for the third time, then it will lead to the invalidation of his account.

Key features

Request as per Requirement

There are many options in-built in app which allows you to request for a service as per your precise requirements. You can choose service location, type of service, service date, shift timings and expected cost.

View Profile Before Accepting Offer

This app lets users to view profile of contractors/service providers before closing the deal. It helps users to get to know more about the contractor: their experience, reviews, and records.

Provide Combo Offers

In this feature the service provider/salon owner can provide various lucrative deals to customers. They can offer a combo of two or three services at a discount. This feature helps the service providers to add more options for the users. This feature is surely an arrow in the quiver for the service providers.


The contractors must put up their hourly rate in their profile. However, users can still negotiate with the contractors. This app includes a chatting option which assists users and contractors to negotiate and reach to a consensus.


This app includes a dashboard which acts as a platform where users can access all the stats in a single screen. The user can have a look at stats like the number of services availed, cancelled, and extended.

Technology stack


Swift, Java

Payment Gateway



Google Map

Crash Reporting


Network request


Social SDK



This app proved to be a handy way of connecting users with the healthcare service providers. Both the service providers & users got the benefits like continuous work opportunities and healthcare assistance respectively.

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