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Project Description

Human Resource


iOS United Kingdom

The community job app connects experienced marketing freelancers with potential employers and vice-a-versa. Freelancers registered on the app can declare their availability and become searchable to potential employers. Employers looking for a freelancer for long as well as short term can shortlist suitable candidates and select the one with inbuild video interview functionality.

The Challenges & Solutions

  • Being an app targeting professional, Social Sign-in option through LinkedIn was a must.
  • A modern-day job app must have app-to-app video calling for a freelancer’s interview.
  • A chat channel for seamless communication between an Employer and Freelancers was required.
  • We finally could bring in the blue LinkedIn social login button on the sign in page; LinkedIn SDK came to the rescue and made app registration simpler for freelancers. Most freelancers today login through this app login method.
  • App-to-app video calling is hard to implement and harder to perfect. Thanks to Sinch SDK for doing the most of the job. The tried and trusted SDK saved us a lot of testing and coding time. Everybody loved the features that saves them from downloading a 3rd party app like Skype.
  • OpenFire Server is popular tool that is trusted by thousands of apps developers to integrate chat feature into their app. ‘Chat’ became the most loved feature of the app and drove positive reviews. Content reviews coming from both freelancers and employers motivated us.

8 People

Team Size

16 Weeks

Project Duration

Technology Stack

Just in Mind

Wireframe tool

Android Studio


Adobe Photoshop



Backend development

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