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Express yourself with Virtual Graffiti


Nurture your creative buds with Photograff. Create spectacular graffiti along with the photo caption, custom graffiti fonts, and icons. Photograff lets you express yourself by creating images to grab hold of others attention. It also comes integrated with social sharing to various social media platforms along with the dedicated Photograff community platform.

Photograff connects all the virtual graffiti fans across the globe; be it a community of street art, photography, design, and even technology enthusiasts.

Photograff comes loaded with 170+ custom graffiti spray design and more than 35 hand-picked fonts to freshen up your art every time

Preloaded backgrounds

Photograff has wide variety of background images to fit your graffiti on. All the background images are well curated to suit the mood and design you want for the graffiti.

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Instagram Import

Photograff lets you import your images directly from the Instagram. What it does – it connects your Photograff account with Instagram account for seamless transfer of images.

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Icon lists

What sets Photograff apart from rest of the graffiti apps is the array of icon lists it carries in its repertoire. It lets you create some fantastic graffiti photo captions with wide range to select from various art fonts and icons. They come in categories like Viral Fun, Love Marks, Urban Life, Comic, 3D, Fantasy, and many more.

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Exclusive features

  • Enhance your pictures with graffiti effects. Custom-edit your art with easy crop and edit.
  • Add icons or colors to have your images deliver a soothing appeal.
  • Blend different images together and add a perspective with XY axis.
  • Share your own edited images with friends or network to highlight your art.


  • Wireframe tool: Just in Mind
  • Design: Adobe Photoshop
  • Development: Xcode
  • Backend development: PHP
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