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Project Description

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Ask questions with images


Want some information on what you see? Just click the picture and share your question. Picky is an interactive app that lets you shoot questions with images along with the pre-defined category for refined search.

All you need to do is create question and make a list of alternative that goes into for the decision. Highly interactive app for the users to engage into a resourceful interaction.


Category filter to refine the question search and target the answer as per user’s need. It becomes easy to navigate the questions and answers.

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Push Notifications

Notifications to keep users updated with every new questions that get posted. Also, users can get notified for every new answer, connection, and response.

Exclusive features

  • Best suited to serve the immidiate curiosity.
  • Enable you to define personal criteria with their importance.
  • Get the related answers and information from the real people.
  • Plenty of category to add questions.


  • Wireframe tool: Just in Mind
  • Design: Adobe Photoshop
  • Development: Xcode
  • Backend development: PHP
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