Pop’n Or Not is an iOS app that provides real-time information about local events and venues around you. Event organizers can post their upcoming events or get featured in app. Eventgoers can rate and review their app in real time.

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Team Size

16 Weeks

Project Duration


The Challenge

During the course of the development of Pop’n Or Not, we faced the following two challenges:

To prohibit any person outside the city where event is taking place to rate an event in the city

App must send a notification as soon as the rating from a predefined number of users reaches a threshold level

The Solution

To avoid unsolicited ratings, we set a virtual perimeter across every city by means of geofencing. An app user must be in the same city the event is or the app won’t let him rate an event there.

For animating the heart beat effect and making it proportional to the event rating, we used core animations: CA Spring Animation and CA Shape Animation with Bezier path

To make sure the app raises a notification upon fulfilling of those two events, we had to create a complex algorithm with many lines of code and embed it in the main code block.

Key features

Check ‘n event

Increase your Pop’n or not rating by promoting the app at your location. The more you guests post, the higher the rating

What’s pop’n

Check featured, near your location and top 10 events in the app and learn their rating on Pop’n Or Not


Receive notifications when an events rating reaches to 75% on pop’n, provided you showed interest in the app

Rate Now

If you’re in the event you can let others know whether the event is pop’n or not. You rate or share the event

My Favorite

All the events that your favorited will be shown in a separate window. So that you can plan your agenda

Side Menu

A quick access menu that is available from any screen and has shortcuts to most used parts of the app

Technology stack

Wireframe tool

Just in Mind




Adobe Photoshop

Backend development


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