Peerbits is pleased to present an app for all the avid travelers around the world. This app aims to satiate your wanderlust with its indigenous features. In this app, the user can create a list of the places that he has visited or the places visited by any other user. This is not it, the app has useful features for great user experience.

The application here serves as an album where the user can record all the places that he has visited or plan to visit. Apart from saving the places, the users can also like, comment, and share the places visited by other users. Moreover, a user can also share his whole list of places to his follower through this app.


The Challenge

Since the app is about the different places in the world; the biggest challenge was to provide an accurate search option. The client wanted us to develop a search option such that it provides the location as per the categories defined by the admin. So, we had to not only develop an accurate search bar but also had to keep the places categories in mind.

The Solution

To accomplish this challenge our developers used Place Autocomplete API provided by Google. This API ensured apt results on search bar which were according to the client’s demand. Moreover, the clients were looking for a technology that provided distance-wise results; the API took care of that too.

Key features

Add Places in Your List

The App allows the users to click pictures of the places they visit and save it in their list. Moreover, the app also shows the distance between the user’s home and the place along with the directions to reach that place.

Share on Different Platforms

The app allows its users to share their travelling experiences on various platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This feature helps the user to share their experiences to the people who aren’t on the app.

Like, Comment, And Tag Your Followers

Just like any other social networking site this app allows you to follow other users. Once you to follow any user you will get the updates of their every activity. Moreover, it allows you to like, comment, and tag your followers on different posts.

Technology stack







Network Request



The app received a lot of appraise from the travelers all around the world. Moreover, it inspired non-travelers to pack their bag and go for a trip.

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