We created an app platform for users to share ideas, knowledge contents and data about economy, investing, finance and other related interests. Registered users can view and connect with other users sharing the same interest.

Unexperienced can find and connect with best finance professionals across the globe. The website is developed in AngularJS. We provided a front-end website for this concept. Various other features are planned and will be added over the time.


The Challenge

To show a company’s information in tabulated and graphical forms

To secure an individual’s classified financial information

To show past years financial data of a public limited company

Visual Design

To hold the innovative mood of the app’s overall visual style, we selected a color palette which, as you can see, includes more lighter shades than darker.

Before the visual design stage, we put together several mood boards to define the app’s visual style.

The Solution

It was not possible from the backend to show the company’s financial data in tabulated, structured form that why we manipulated the data in the front to show them graphically

With financial data carrying higher stack than a normal piece of data, we made sure any stored data is secured on private clouds using SSH with 128-bit encryption.

At times user would ask the app to compare data of past 15 years, this would be too much of data to handle at the same time. Thus, we made it call a fresh API request every 5 years of data.

Key features

Alpha Swarm Intelligence

A vast pool of field experts to raise your financial quotient and became a smart investor

Alpha Swarm Community

A large community to help you in every turn of your financial vows and sorting them out

Questions and Answers

Finding answers to questions related to finance and investing from known investors

My Network

Join the network of likeminded investors and financial experts and become smarter

Recurring Payment

When you buy a new package or trading credits, you can do that with the payment method of your choice in seconds.


The website became a source of inspiration for many naïve traders who thought trading isn’t their cup of tea. With practice and constant guidance they learnt the perks and nuances of trading, emerged as successful traders and inspired many others on the path.

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