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Project Description

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App that capture cars with spot info


Spot Car is a universal app that unites car lovers for sharing pictures and availing latest updates about exotic cars. Spotted an eye-catchy luxurious car? Here is a platform where you can simply click its picture and share it over community of car enthusiasts.

Build your profile

Create a smashing profile and start uploading it to the car spots and get yourself publicly recognized as a Car connoisseur. View profiles of other users and follow them to get their updates right in your news feed. Creating a profile is easy and gets ready in a few steps.

Spot A Car First Section

Discover great cars at one place

Discover Cars with parameters like brand, color, country, license plate, first shot ever, etc. Check out the trending Cars. Like and share the one that fascinates you the most.

Spot A Car Second Section

Exclusive features

  • Well organized news feed and notifications.
  • Preview pictures from the post screen directly.
  • Discover Cars from your locality.
  • Just a simple click it takes to follow few of the craziest accounts with an amazing collection of car spots!


  • Wireframe tool: Just in Mind
  • Design: Adobe Photoshop
  • Development: Xcode, Android Studio
  • Backend development: PHP
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