Project Description


While on the surface TapNSell might look like yet another classified mobile app, it’s more than that. It’s actually a complete suite of ecommerce features and functionalities including an integrated payment gateway. So click what you want to sell, add a few lines and list it on TapNSell. Who don’t mind a little extra cash?


  • E-Commerce App
  • iOS Development
  • Android Development
  • SQLite manager
  • PayPal SDK

You will find this application to resemble a lot with OLX, Quikr, Amazon, and eBay like user interfaces full of e-commerce features and functionalities. This app is been crafted to offer an exact same seamless user experience. Buying and selling of items online between buyers and sellers in real time became possible with a wide range of offerings in different product listings.

Our solutions

Real time dealings

We came up with a turnkey solution after passing through various stages of business analysis, solution implementation, and customization.

Report status tracking

Things made easier when status tracking of items successfully integrated and relevant items displayed as per user requirements.

Massive database handling

Handling unlimited deals, deal information, and most importantly, payment processing was rough, but our team managed to devise a database and payment processors that handled a large magnitude of money transactions successfully.

Highly secured transactions

The data securely amalgamated with each other, available for a central access, with negligible bugs and errors to enable smooth transactions.


Work speaks louder than words