Claim your VAT refund without any hassles


Peerbits is glad to be associated with a mobile application that makes the process of VAT tax refund easy, swift, and secure. It has various features that makes it possible to achieve this feat. It’s a unique solution as it eliminates all the paperwork which is still prevalent in many countries. The application is meant to facilitate the process of tax refund with utmost optimization and ease.

The app provides a QR code to the user once it fills all the required information. The QR code acts like his/her virtual identity. All the history of user’s shopping and transactions are automatically saved in the database. And the data can be retrieved by the officials present at airport by simply scanning the user’s QR code with a POS device.


The biggest challenge in claiming a VAT refund was its cumbersome process. Every time the user bought something he/she has to fill the tax refund form which he/she must keep safe. This resulted in user accumulating a huge stack of papers. To make the matters worse, it was still uncertain if you would receive the refund even if you had completed the whole procedure.


We found that most of the work was taking place in a conventional way, that is on paper. And it was the main reason for many discrepancies resulting in failure of tax refund. So, we came up with an application that would make the whole process of tax refund paperless. This made the process simpler, faster, and prevented errors regarding handwriting.

QR code

The app assigns all their users with a QR code that acts as their virtual identity. All their transactions get saved on the database which can retrieved through this QR code.

Consolidate & void

This app solves the issue of huge stack of papers. It allows them to consolidate various bill receipt of same stores or franchise into one. It can also consolidate bills in the digital form.

Refund calculator

Refund calculator

The POS device has a refund calculator that calculates the total amount to be refunded to the user. The refunded amount is displayed on the LCD screen of the device.


After the officials at the airport scans the QR code of the user. The POS device takes out a print out which is written proof of user’s tax refund claim. The official hands over this receipt to the user.

Dashboard for admin


The admin’s app has an interactive dashboard that shows all the information like total no. of sales, total no. of customers, and total number of tax refunded on a single screen.

Technology Stack


Swift, Java


Android studio


JWT (JSON Web Token)



Firebase Crash Reporting


Retrofit Network request (Android)


Network Request


Social SDK

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn


The application received a lot of support and love from travelers and tourists all over the world for simplifying the process of VAT refund.