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Project Description

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Ticket Manager at your fingertips


This app is presently in use with the event managers selling off tickets through It gets easy to scan the event tickets with the help of Tix as it allows you to manage online and offline registrations.

With Tix, you can manage your events paper free by allowing multiple smartphones to check off the attendees

Barcode scanner

Tix makes the entire ticket checking process simple and hassle free for the organizers as well the audience. With the barcode scanner, it gets easy to check off the tickets and have the backend database of the attendees organized.

Tix barcode scanner

Attendees database

There is an extended database of attendees where each name is displayed against the number of tickets or attendees accompanying the one. In the database, it is also possible to get all the ticket details individually along with the check-in information.

Tix database

Exclusive features

  • Check out the events for which the tickets is issued.
  • Scan ticket through an inbuilt barcode scanner to get required details.
  • Go through your upcoming events coming up within your profile.
  • Access the app online or offline to scan tickets even without the Internet.


  • Wireframe tool: Just in Mind
  • Design: Adobe Photoshop
  • Development: Android Studio
  • Backend development: PHP
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