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Project Description



Android iOS United Kingdom

Tip the waiter even when not carrying any cash with Tippy. Ask the waiter for his unique Tippy ID and pay the tip from the app over the integrated Stripe payment gateway.

Tippy is a mobile app for iOS and Android that lets a diner to tip the waiter without cash. The tip-amount is credited directly to Tip receiver’s bank account linked with a unique Tippy ID.

The Challenges & Solutions

  • To manage tip receiver’s transactions and display amount received in the bank account
  • To manage Tipper’s Account flow and secure it against unauthorized tipping
  • There may come across a situation when a user wants to be a Tipper as well as Tippy
  • Every Tippee required to enter his bank details to receive the unique Tippy ID. Integrated Stripe Connected Account APIs then creates a Stripe account on his behalf with the bank details
  • We used a custom API for the complex flow of Tippy charges and Stripe Charges. Moreover, we added Security Questions and PIN Mechanism to protect the Tipper’s Account.
  • We managed all the complex scenarios of becoming tip giver to tip receiver and vice versa by fetching the current state of the user and data provided through custom API.

8 People

Team Size

16 Weeks

Project Duration

Technology Stack

Just in Mind

Wireframe tool

Android Studio


Adobe Photoshop



Backend development

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