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At Peerbits, we accommodate the latest techniques for architecture design with our expertise, experience, and support for your business success.

Avoid the Know-it-all Syndrome: Tap into
the Right Cloud Consulting Guidance

Become more Agile and Responsive, Unlock the New Potential of your Business, Strengthen & easily Manage your IT Infrastructure, and March into the Direction of Exponential Growth with the Right Cloud Consulting Guidance.

Scalable Infrastructure

Adapt to a wider user base and steer your business into the future when you seek cloud consulting services from Peerbits to leverage a scalable infrastructure for your software.

Deployment to the Cloud

Watch your raw idea shape into real life with real features and functionalities using our cloud deployment services to target your key audience.

Automated Assistance

Get 99% cloud deployment process efficiency to deploy your software without a hitch. We create a seamless pipeline for an automated and channelized cloud deployment of your software.


Put your idle resources to the best use or downsize your under-used with our cloud computing services. Create instances of extreme cost-saving and added efficiency to your business.

Our Well-rounded
Cloud Consulting Process

Peerbits specializes in providing cloud consulting services for 10+ years following a strong strategic ecosystem to identify and deploy the best-suited cloud model based on the Business’s present and future requirements.


Requirement Gathering

We begin with gathering information to understand, analyze & assess your current IT environment.


Analysis of your Infrastructure

By analyzing, we measure the efficiency and effectiveness of your technology infrastructure.


Adaptability Check

We undertake the evaluation of your existing environment to test the adaptability quotient.


Data Security Control

We automate the installation of AWS cloud following the best data security controls to save you from legal troubles.


Commercial Estimation

Provide the total cost of cloud ownership and value assessment to give you an idea about the final outcome.


Define a Roadmap for Cloud Computing

Get a data-driven cloud strategy and clear roadmap charted by our professionals for a viable solution.

Broader Scope into our
Cloud Consulting Services

With Peerbits, you can avail cloud consulting services tailored for meeting the IT needs of your business to conduct performance analytics, decrease excess storage, determine overprovisioning, and handle shadow IT.


Cloud Infrastructure Design

Our AWS certified team knows that your IT infrastructure should operate as an integrated system where all components are well-designed, thoroughly controlled, and easily manageable to meet the industry best practices following the below-mentioned practices:

  • Development of scalable architecture to ensure the sustainability of your business.
  • Utmost utilization of resources for the best optimization of resources.
  • Interception of the raw idea with the outcome to offer the best of cloud consulting.

Deployment of Cloud Infra

We support all cloud deployment model that includes software as a service (SaaS), Platform as a service (PaaS), and Infrastructure as a service to empower businesses to focus on their core competencies and increase performance. We provide an AWS-certified team with proficiency in

  • Ensuring seamless Internet connectivity for business continuity.
  • Getting over the physical server with the migration of data to the cloud.
  • Development of architecture with a high level of flexibility and scalability of your system.

Automation of the Deployment

A very integral part of a software development project is the deployment and security. To make sure that the project is safely and securely deployed end to end to the server with user data protection, you need a team that possesses skills in:

  • Prevent instances of idle resources and optimize them for better efficiency.
  • Get more done in less time and high grade of accuracy.
  • Need to maintain less hardware and resources, thereby making significant cost savings.

Security Implementation

The software requires 24/7 monitoring to examine all activities and entail securing cloud environments against unauthorized access or use, attacks, hackers, malware, and other risks and get insights on usage and occupancy. You need a team for this with skills in

  • Secure your data with the implementation of the cloud and save your enterprise from legal troubles.
  • Prompt response against security threats.
  • Offers a layer of confidentiality and integrity of data.

Why Peerbits is your
Ideal Cloud Consulting Partner?

Get hold of time-tested methodologies to integrate cloud into your enterprise and unify every function across your departments when you opt for cloud consulting services from Peerbits.

Holds Expertise

Vast expereince

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Holds Expertise

Vast expereince

Best support