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Digital wallet solution: Unlocking the future of payments

Carve your way to success with DigiPay’s digital wallet solution that offers seamless and secure way to pay, receive, and store money.

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Be the leaders of tomorrow’s digital financial services

All over the world Digital wallet solutions are laying foundation for the next generation payment systems and infrastructure. Not only payments, Mobile wallet solutions also provide banks with an opportunity to boost their customer relationships, market differentiation and revenue sources.

DigiPay’s mobile wallet software allows you to offer multiple functionalities and services on a single platform. Moreover, it also offers several use cases for various segments that involve types of billers, merchants, customers, agents, etc. Not only that, our digital wallet app also provides omnichannel experience to all your users.

Multiple ways to make payments

With DigiPay’s mobile payment system, your users can make payments via various modes. All these modes are explained in detail below.

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  • QR scan

    Allow your users to send money in a secure and efficient manner with the help of QR codes scan technology.

  • NFC

    With DigiPay in place, users can make swift and secure wireless transactions from the NFC empowered phone and the POS device’s transmitter.

  • Unique ID

    Enable your users to transfer money through the unique ID which can be an email ID, phone number, etc.

  • USSD

    With USSD technology, your users can transfer funds, check account balance, and generate mini statements by just dialling few numbers from their phones.

Solution modules of DigiPay’s digital wallet system

DigiPay’s digital mobile wallet system consists of various solution modules in it. Below are mentioned all the solution modules with their functionality.

Add/load money

With DigiPay’s mobile wallet solution, your users can add or load money in the wallet directly from their bank account. All they have to do is link their bank account by filling all the required information.


With DigiPay’s mobile wallet app, your users can send money from their wallet to some other user. Moreover, they can also send money to a merchant in case they bought something.

Bank transfers

DigiPay’s digital wallet system also allows your users to make bank transfers. This means that they can deposit or withdraw money to their bank account through the wallet solution.

Top ups & Bill payment

Top ups & bill payment is DigiPay’s configurable module that enables your users to make payments for various utility bills like electricity, water, mobile post-paid, metro card top-up, and more.

Loyalty & reward

With Digipay’s digital wallet app, you can offer a variety of loyalty and reward programs. You can also offer discounts, promos, cash back offers, etc.

Ticket Booking

DigiPay’s mobile wallet app allows your users to make ticket bookings directly from the app. They can search and buy tickets for various modes of transport like buses, trains, and flights.

Annual transactions via mobile wallet apps have surpassed 1080 billions only in US in 2019. Be a part of this revolution by getting our robust mobile wallet solution.

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USPs that make Digipay standout

The Digipay digital wallet system is enriched with several USPs that makes it stand out from the rest of the wallet solution. Below mentioned are few of them.

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With DigiPay, you can perform eKYC of all your users straight from the mobile application. You users can upload their documents such as driving license, social security number, and many more verification.

digital wallet wallet personalization

Wallet personalization

Target multiple segments with Digipay to open various wallet variants based on the KYC information of the customer, their transaction capabilities, limits, and the rest of the other features.

digital wallet seamless integration

Seamless Integration

Digipay wallet’s open standard based architecture, host integration, and ready-to-use wallet APIs make it possible for all the clients to seamlessly and cost-efficiently integrate the enterprise application.


Omnichannel experience

With Digipay’s digital wallet application, you can offer omnichannel experience to your users by enabling them to make payments via their feature phones, smartphones, phones, web, kiosks, etc.

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DigiPay’s digital wallet solution comes with highly secure end-to-end encryption and multiple security and compliance certificates like, 3DES security, MD5 Hashing, ISO 8583, and audit trials.

What can you achieve with Digipay

There are thousands of Digital wallets available in the market and still Digipay is everyone’s first choice. Digipay has earned this feat and reputation because with it you can:

  • Market rapidly

    Market rapidly to save the precious time to focus on other important areas with our ready-made white-label digital wallet solution with advanced features.

  • Offer rich experience

    Offer your customers a rich experience with utmost convenience and security along with an easy to access UI that helps you to boost the customer retention rate.

  • Cut operational cost

    Cut your overheads with a centralized payment platform that all its processes streamlined and focused with the help of automation.

  • Increase transaction volumes

    The Digipay digital wallet system makes fund transfer and storage simple, smooth, and quick and thus results in a steep rise of the total transaction volumes.

  • Scale seamlessly

    Expand your digital wallet business seamlessly by accommodating a large number of users and merchants while maintaining a high security standard.

  • Explore new segments

    Tap into multiple segments by offering users to pay utility bills, buy airtime, make in-store purchases, and shop online from their mobile wallet app.

  • Stand out from the rest

    Stand out from the rest of your rivals by using cutting-edge technology such as iBeacon technology, POS, NFC, QR codes, wearable devices, and P2P payments.

  • Better customer intelligence

    Identify the right moment to drive the wallet usage with the help of customer intelligence which customer’s contextual needs in real-time

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