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Unlock endless digital payment possibilities with Digipay

Unlock and explore the digital payment possibilities with Digipay by providing seamless and secure way to pay, receive, and store money.

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Offer multiple financial services under a single wallet platform

Attract your customers by offering them with all-in-one digital payment app. With our mobile wallet solution, your users can virtually save and use financial assets such as, salary, card, B2P, G2P, and welfare.

Our digital payment solution also allows your users to access micro banking services like insurance and loans.

  • All-in-one payment app
  • Multiple financial services
  • Insurance
  • Loans
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Provide top-notch security with full compliance

Offer your customers with a secure solution to ensure a convenient, swift, and safe end-to-end payments for your merchants, users, and mobile service providers. Also ensure that your users have a hassle-free experience with our solution due to its fully compliance with the industry-grade security standards and all the regulations of the local authorities.

  • Fully compliant with regulations
  • Seamless transactions
  • Secure end-to-end payment
  • Platform for MFS providers

How does a Digital Wallet functions?

Digital wallet generally operates via applications in the smartphone. However, the communication channel could differ from Weblinks, SMS, social media, QR-code, NFC, magnetic strip cards and many more. There a few variations among the different types of digital wallets, but overall they work in a similar manner as described below


Create account

In the first step, the user has to just create an account in an e-wallet application.


Deposit money

Then the user deposits money into his account from either a payment card or bank account.


Make payment

The user makes payments to buy goods and services with the help of his e-wallet payment app.


Payment received by merchant

The merchant then receives the payment via e-wallet app and thus the transaction is concluded.

Who can leverage the power of digital payment?

Digital payment is the future mode of transaction and that’s why more and more industries are utilizing it. Below is the list of few sectors where digital payment apps are used predominantly.

Mobile banking

Apart from making payments, digital wallet apps can also be used for a variety for financial services like transferring money to other accounts, viewing balance, and paying your EMI installments.


Earlier mobile phone users had to go to the store in order to recharge. However, digital mobile payment app saves you the agony and allows anyone to recharge their phone by just making few taps.


With NFC’s card emulation technique, a user can make contactless payment between the POS device that has an attached transmitter and the NFC – enabled smartphone.

International fund transfers

International fund transfers are usually complex and costly. But with digital wallet applications, users can make peer-to-peer transactions along with transferring their funds overseas conveniently.

Government payments

Various government bodies can use Digital mobile wallet apps to issue emergency relief and other financial and welfare programs.


The shop owners and merchants can receive payments by offering QR codes. They get a notification as soon as the transaction is complete.

Annual transactions via mobile wallet apps have surpassed 1080 billions only in US in 2019. Be a part of this revolution by getting our robust mobile wallet solution.

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Key features of our digital wallet app

One thing that makes our mobile wallet solution stand out from the rest is the key features that it has. Below are mentioned some of the key features of our e-wallet solution.

Bill payment

This allows customers to pay various utility bills like electricity, gas, mobile recharge, and many other through a single app.

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Loyalty & rewards

With our integrated loyalty and rewards module, your customers will get offers, discounts, and redeemable points.

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Merchant payments

The usage of our APIs makes it easier for all our merchants to process payments whether its individual or bulk disbursements.

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Mobile money

Save, send, and receive money from your digital wallet solution with utmost ease, speed, and convenience.

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POS integration

Our e-wallet application has POS integration which allows you to pay at any store by just entering your linked debit/credit card details.

EMI installments

No need to go to the bank to pay you EMI installments, as you can pay your installments directly from our mobile wallet application.

Instant payments

Make payments without any phone number or UPI ID as our instant payment mode enables you to pay with the GPS-location technology.

Cash in cash out

Users can refill their mobile wallet with cash by simply asking any registered merchant to cash in or cash out money in their wallet.

What will you be able to achieve with Digipay

There are thousands of Digital wallets available in the market and still Digipay is everyone’s first choice. Digipay has earned this feat and reputation because with it you can

Market rapidly

Market rapidly and save the precious time to focus on other important areas with our ready-made white-label digital wallet solution consisting of all the advanced features.

Scale seamlessly

Expand your digital wallet business seamlessly by accommodating a large number of users and merchants while maintaining a high security standard.

Stand out from the rest

Stand out from the rest of your rivals with use of cutting-edge technology such as iBeacon technology, POS, NFC, QR codes, wearable devices, and P2P payments.

Cut operational cost

Cut your overheads with a centralized payment platform that all its processes streamlined and focused with the help of automation.

Explore new segments

Tap into multiple new segments by offering your users to pay utility bills, shop online, buy airtime, make in-store purchases, and shop online from their mobile wallet app.

Offer rich experience

Offer your customers a rich experience with utmost convenience and security along with an easy to access UI that would help you to boost your customer retention rate.

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