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Event management app development

Ask any organizer, managing an event is a real pain. With easy access to promotional tools and thanks to social media, events around the world are attracting more people than ever. To manage such mega-events, event organizers are switching to event management apps.

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Connect with visitors

An event management app is the best way to connect with the participants. Visitors can obtain all the key information about the event, schedule of upcoming events, events that are going on. They will receive push notifications when an event they have registered for is about to start. They can also share their feedback about the event and share their experience on various social media channels.

  • Social Media sharing
  • Calendar Integration
  • Push Notification
  • Quick Information
  • Feedback
  • Real-time status
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Keep them engaged

Keeping the visitors engaged isn’t always easy. Traditionally, organizer relied upon games and celebrities to entertain people and keep them engaged. With an event management app, organizers can take this experience to a different level altogether. They can engage the visitors in little contests, quizzes, goodies and social media events by means of the app.

  • Games
  • Contests
  • Goodies
  • Social Media
  • Leaderboard
  • Felicitation
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Upgrade event experience

No number of volunteers are enough to keep that many people content. Every visitor has their own set of enquiries and a long queue over the enquiry counter is a big letdown. Placing beacons around the event will make easier for participants to discover ongoing events. A nearby beacon device will navigate them to their event and they more need to ask a volunteer.

  • In-event navigation
  • Solve Queries
  • Beacon devices
  • Event Discovery
  • Self help
  • Event Reminders
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Know speakers, exhibitors

Visitors are curious to learn about speakers at an event. This information piques their interest about the event and will make easier for them to attend a seminar by the speaker whose profile matches their likings. During an AMA and Q&A session, they can ask questions directly from the app and doesn’t have to raise their hand and wait for their turns.

  • Speaker Bio
  • Exhibitors List
  • AMA Session
  • Q&A sessions
  • Discover Speakers
  • Customize to liking

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