A cloud team raises your team's efficiency without the need of additional investments

With extensive collaboration tools and talented developers taking part in team efforts to develop your dream app, you have many reasons to relax while the app is getting ready.

Hire dedicated developers team

Hire a dedicated team
that works at your working hours

No more the annoyances of managing unpredictable freelancers and keep them all on track with the project deadline. Work with a reliable team of developers who have a vast experience and are team players.

Full-time hiring

Duration: 8/hours per day, 5 days/week

Communication: Email, Skype, Phone

Hiring Period: Minimum 1 Month

Part Time hiring

Duration: 4/hours per day, 5 days/week

Communication: Email, Skype, Phone

Hiring Period: Minimum 1 Month

Hourly hiring

Communication: Email, Skype, Phone

Hiring Period: Minimum 1 Month

We excel in end-to-end web and mobile development

Great ideas deserve a place in either your customers’ heart or their trash bins. The choice is yours. Choose wisely whom you hire to convert your great ideas into an app.





Web app development is reaching new heights with the emergence of new-age web technologies and growing popularity of Progressive Web Apps and single page applications









A majority of websites are WordPress or one of the popular open-source CMSs powered by PHP and MySQL. We have the requisite talent pool of opensource developers.





UI is the part of the application that a user interacts with. This is the impression you carry to the world. Choice is yours raise eyebrows in dissatisfaction or turn heads.

UI Designer

UX Designer

How can you hire the perfect cloud team?

Share with us your project’s business requirements, time and budget parameters, and we’ll send you the list of the best-match developers who can be a part of your team. Choose wisely.

Sending request

Screening resumes


Selecting candidates

Assign & Monitor


Launching your project


Screening resumes


Assign & Monitor


Feel the difference with our developers

Having worked on tens of different projects in different categories with clientele spreading across 3 continents, Peerbits believes in delivery—quality, time or

Qualified developers

You don’t need just developers. You need qualified developers that are expert in their fields

Robust infrastructure

Developers alone can’t make things happen. They need an infrastructure to put actions into codes

Inexpensive approach

Chances are you’re overpaying your current developers. If you think, otherwise ask us for a quote

Greater Flexibility

A flexible team is what you need in a world where feature-full apps are necessity, not luxury

Project management

A cloud team doesn’t mean you have to be the project manager. We can assign you one if you want.

Better choices

When you have a large pool of developers to choose from, you have more choices to make and go for.

Stay on the top of deadline

0 Delays, top quality

SAVE upto 60% on

What you’re paying already

Deliver world-class experience

5X the competition

Whom we work for

When it comes to working with a firm, we have no reservations whatsoever. However, on a general notion, we work with these types of businesses as a technology partner.


Startups are impatient and they want the solution in the fastest time and the least cost. They are hard to deal with.

Small businesses

Small are more vulnerable to competition than established players. We tailor their software solutions accordingly.


Each enterprise has its unique set of needs when it comes to development as a service or software products.