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1 const Peerbits = require(‘Development‘)


3 // Hire the best suited developers

4 let developer = await peerbits.skills.hire({

5    Experience: 10+ years

6    Technologies: React.JS, Angular, Node.JS, .net

7 });

8 while(development!= Done)

9    develop();


11 if(result==Client’s approval)

12    console.log(“Project Completion“);

13 else

14    Redevelopment();


16 return support;

Scale your business
with dedicated developers

Extend your team with our dedicated developers skilled in all the modern technologies and manage remote software development for your business. Whatever the requirements, we always strive for the most brilliant results for our clients.

  • Get a team of skilled developers and domain experts

  • Extremely flexible developers for all client requirements

  • Scale your business velocity with high performance

  • Better control over the team with risk-free results

  • Quicker crisis management and solving ability

  • Cost-efficient results within the stipulated time

Resource as a Service to Increase
Productivity and Adaptability


Obtain a substantial competitive advantage of being one step ahead of the competition employing vetted & ballsy experienced offshore developers to deliver any size & kind of complex software requirements.


We offer a skilled set of resources having technical expertise, project management skill & multiple-business domain understanding within your vicinity, with no cultural gap and language barrier following your timezone.


Our hybrid app developers are tech-savvy, experienced & are flexible to work on-shore & off-shore under your control. You can split the hired teams on the same project to ensure on-time completion of the project.


We set up an Offshore Development Center with a vetted software engineers team to help you elevate offerings, mitigate costs, render quality services, expand your business capabilities, & count on your profits.

Vetted Software Engineers Your Project needs to Succeed

For our esteemed clients across the globe, we have a broad range of vetted engineering talents that can add value to your project and endeavor for its success.

Skilled Software Engineers

We have a strong strength of skilled developers with strong programming basics, adaptable, and solidly educated. You can hire to augment your in-house team size.

  • Strong Programming Fundamentals
  • Quick learner and task-driven
  • Excellent Communication

Innovative Experienced Developers

You can count Peerbits as your best technology partner for flawless product delivery under your budget. Our 50% of staff have a minimum of 5+ years of experience working on multiple domains.

  • Technically Sound
  • Combined capabilities
  • Solidly Educated

Reliable Expert Software Engineers

You can count Peerbits as your best technology partner for flawless product delivery under your budget. Our 50% of staff have a minimum of 5+ years of experience working on multiple domains.

  • Excellent Management Skills
  • Leadership Quality
  • Comprehensive Capabilities

Smart delegation of
responsibilities for both parties

It takes combined efforts of both the parties i.e. the developers and the client to make the project a success. They both are assigned various responsibilities for fulfilling the business requirements and achieving the defined objectives.


  • Complete planning and set up with full transparency
  • Provision of standard infrastructure for the entire team
  • All resources working under client supervision
  • On-demand additions and developments to the project
  • Daily/weekly stand-up meetings and progress reports for updates
  • Knowledge sharing and transfer of technical expertise to client team
  • Ensuring that all norms, regulations, and compliances are followed
  • Continuous improvements based on real-time feedback


  • Provision of start-to-finish requirements in detail
  • Addressing goals and objectives of the business
  • Creating a roadmap, strategy, and life cycle of the project
  • On-boarding developers team to their preferred platforms and tools
  • Giving real-time feedback on all aspects of the project
  • Taking initiatives for adjustments and implementation

Tech stack with expertise
in different domains

Clients can be different and belong to different industries and sectors. Our team of developers is flexible when it comes to different kinds of requirements that come with our portfolio of projects from around the world.

Mobile app development

High-performing development to drive strategies

Building scalable and high-performing applications for automating your business processes through our tech stack.

Learn More

Frontend development

Leveraging technologies for top-notch development

We build top-rated, secure, and robust front-end development for delivering unique solutions to all clients.

Learn More



Backend development

Complete automation of your requirements

Creating seamless solutions based on all your requirements to provide an enhanced experience to the users.

Database development

Effortless Big Data Management

Our custom development services enable you to store, manage, analyze, and obtain insights on huge amounts of data.






Our Versatile Process to
Deliver Innovative Digital Products

To scale and make your business successful, we at Peerbits follow 4 steps result-driven formula created by our brilliant tech experts skilled in all modern technologies. We follow the process to deliver the uncompromised products.


Tech Consulting

  • Gathering requirements
  • Understanding requirements
  • Assess the requirements

Resource Alignment

  • Mapping developers
  • Engaging TL
  • Adding Technical expert

On-boarding Team

  • Handshake meeting
  • Communication channel
  • Work culture adoption

Delivery Management

  • Stand-up meetings
  • Sprints planning
  • Quality parameters

Why are our collaborations
always successful?

Our case studies, testimonials, and client success stories are always full of praises about the perfect delivery of all the projects. Here are the aspects of collaboration that lead us to our success.

Flexible Approach

Off-site & On-site

Efficient Planning

Fast Development Cycle

Strong Communication

Rewards Of Collaboration

Peerbits has delivered all our project needs well within deadlines. They works as your in-house team, we highly recommend them.

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