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iPad application development

Notebooks and desktop sales declined tremendously after iPads came into picture. With loads of tablets competing in the market, iPad still holds a dominant top place. With an ever-increasing demand for iPads, iPad apps development came into the focus of mobile app developers all across the globe. It takes a mixture of creativity, proficiency, frameworks, to go for a prominent app development company. We offer robust iPad application development for iPad Mini Series and even the original one.

Our app development company has highly competent team with veterans offering robust iPad solutions whether being an iPad Mini Series or the original iPad itself. Using tools such as Photokit, Handoff, Manual Camera Controls, Touch ID, etc. we expertise in enriching the entire experience, by taking your project to an entire different level. Our apps not only suits the requirements of your business, but also meets the quality standards, at the same time not compromising on rich visual features.

iPad App Development

Designing visually appealing iPad apps

Although it might seem that an app on iPhone will work easily when tried on an iPad, simply because the operating system is common in both cases, what you finally see is different.

Even though you can use iPads to run iPhone apps, you need to devote extra concern and care independently for the platform, taking the help of development tools and designing software that makes sense on a much larger platform.

  • Customized Applications
  • Gaming Applications
  • Social Networking Applications
  • PDF Ebook Applications
  • Brand Building / Marketing Applications
  • Utility & Productivity Applications
  • Web-Based Applications
  • Education, Travel, Health & Fitness Applications, etc.

An iPad App not Meant for iPhone

  • With app development company in focus, there is a complete different approach when making apps, which are much legible to use on the larger screens.
  • Having said that, iPad apps development requires bigger screen sizes as well as better images meant for portable viewing on notebooks.
  • Clear pictures, shiny appearance, and bigger call to actions are what required in iPad application development.
  • Developers should make no mistake in clubbing more functionalities, features, multimedia, and content with an increased real estate.
  • More elements and components compared to an iPhone app, leads to a complete chaotic app with everything jumbled and complex.
  • We have the right abilities to plan real estate while going for app development company by filling up space in proportion adding relevant things on-board.

Know what we use

There are many libraries we use while developing a wonderful iPhone app. Have a glimpse of few ones to gauge caliber when you hire iPad developers from us.

Core text

There are apps that need a technology, which handles low-level text and then correlated with the framework of Core Graphics known as Quartz. Use this library when you plan to draw text by working in parallel with Quartz.

Core data

The framework of Core Data proves helpful in common, tasks such as object graph management as well as object life cycle by providing automated and generalized solutions.


A wonderful networking library meant for both Mac OS X and iOS. Based on Foundation URL Loading System, it extends network abstractions of absolute high-level found in Cocoa.


It is a system lets users to establish mathematical description relationships amongst the elements leading to app user interface layout.

Cocos 2D

Two key elements in this open source framework, i.e. Objective C & Xcode, combine together to build cross platform 2D games.


It manages Objective C projects by acting as a dependency manager. With thousands of libraries, it helps to scale projects with ease.

Hire iPad developers anytime with Us

We are a reputed iPad application development company having necessary skills and expertise required in iPad apps development. With iPad being most sought after tablet in the world, it is evident to have iPad application development in place that can blew the mind of tablet lovers all across the globe. Our people have been involved in iPad apps development for a while now, and they know exactly how to go about. You can hire iPad developers from us in a number of ways:

  • Hire iPad developers individually
  • Hire iPad developers team

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