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Customer loyalty programs of our wallet

Embrace the power of Digipay’s integrated customer loyalty programs which has the potential to boost any kind of business whether it’s small or big.

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Attract, engage, and retain customers via loyalty programs

Increase user sign-ups and engagement by offering personalized promotions and offers to all your users through our mobile wallet loyalty programs. Execute simple, quick, and efficient management of your loyalty programs.

  • Track
  • Exchange
  • Redeem

Major feature of our wallet app

Digipay mobile wallet has a number of features that helps in proper execution of customer loyalty programs. Below are some of the features.

  • Stamp Cards

    Select stamp card with prebuilt loyalty programs that suits your business and customize it with images, colors, and texts.

  • Create profile

    All your customers can create their own profiles. In addition, they can personalize their loyalty cards too.

  • Schedule your offers

    You can schedule your offers by setting start & end date. Your customers will be automatically notified when that offer gets available or expired.

  • Geofencing

    With this feature you can send push notifications whenever a user is in the vicinity of a specific store or location.

  • Restrictions

    This feature allows you to put restrictions on your offers. You can come up with limits such as one offer per user and many others.

  • Integrate Beacon technology

    Our mobile wallet allows you to integrate the Beacon technology by setting up in-store Beacon notifications as lock screen messages.

  • Tiered offers

    You can also make some offers available exclusively to the users having a certain number of points. Once achieved, the offer will be automatically available to them.

  • History

    With this feature you can monitor all your customer’s activities related to loyalty. Track how much points they earned and how much they spent.

Grow your business with integrated customer loyalty programs of our mobile payment application.

Why choose Digipay wallet for loyalty programs?

If you’re still skeptical as to why you should choose Digipay then below we’ve mentioned some of the key benefits that you’ll get exclusively with us.

White label solution

We have a robust white label mobile wallet solution that can accommodate our client’s customizations and allows you to offer various mobile wallet loyalty programs.

Easy distribution

With our wallet solution, it becomes extremely easy for the customers to add punch cards into it via SMS, URL, scanning QR code, or by tapping an NFC tag.

Accessible on all smartphones

One of the biggest benefits of using our wallet application is that it’s accessible by users of all major smartphones having iOS, Android, or Windows as an OS.

A global wallet solution

Reach to the users from all over the globe and expand your business exponentially as our mobile wallet is a global solution and works all over the world.

Make real-time updates

With our wallet solution, you can make updates in real-time. These updates will be pushed directly to all the customers globally who are using our mobile wallet solution.

Boost sales

Our mobile wallet solution helps you in distributing your valuable offers that play a pivotal role in increasing the ROI, user engagement, and traffic.

Industry verticals that our Digipay wallet can disrupt

Digipay’s mobile wallet application has a variety of applications in different industry verticals. Some of them are mentioned below.