Marketplace app development

A marketplace is a platform where buyers meet sellers and service providers meet customers. Marketplace make available everything, every service available to a customer anytime, anywhere they want. A person can pay for the service received or product bought using many payment options provided by the integrated payment gateway.

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Product Discovery

Visitors often land on your marketplace app via search results a search within the app. Regardless, the products listed on a marketplace must be easily discoverable. Further, products searches must be customizable to filter in or out a particular product, brand, and prize point.

  • Search Filter
  • Search Optimizations
  • Product Search
  • Quick Search
  • Advanced Search
  • Image Search
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Payment gateway

Customers who buy products online do that for ease, they aren’t fond of paying for the item in cash at the time of delivery. Thus, every marketplace must have payment gateway integration to facilitate seamless, digital payments within the app. PayPal and Stripe are common payment gateways.

  • Paypal
  • Stripe
  • Skrill
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Wallet
  • Mobile wallets
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Shipment tracking

Transparency is the key to the success of any marketplace. A buyer expects complete transparency from the time he pays for something and the time it re
aches him. This includes tracking his shipment. You must integrate shipment tracking code of your delivery partners to allow in app tracking.

  • Real-time tracking
  • Shipping alerts
  • QR Scanners
  • Tracking code
  • Estimated date
  • Delay Warnings
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Review and ratings

People are gonna love or loathe a product they bought on your marketplace. It is important that people buying products on your platform know which product is worth buying which isn’t. User generated ratings and reviews are the best way to let them know which of them are really worth.

  • Quick Ratings
  • Average Ratings
  • Review Prompt
  • Rewards
  • Ask Questions
  • Reply to reviewer

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