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Social Media App Development Solutions

Develop an app to raise awareness among your audience. So that, they have insights and opinion on international news, politics, business, finance, science, technology, and the connections between them.

News Portals

One Stop Media Hub

People look up to the internet to learn about what’s going in their city, country or around the world. The time when they used to buy newspaper at a newspaper stand is long gone replaced by a shrewd, astute search on Google about the latest headlines, breaking news, and everything in between.

  • Local News
  • National headlines
  • International Affairs
  • Opinions
  • Polls and Quiz
  • Trending News
News Aggregators

Personalization News Aggregators

Aggregation platforms tend to aggregate important news from various news portal, even social media and display them on their aggregator website and app. Their website receives good traffic and the new portals find a wider audience for their news articles, more than their readership.

  • Aggregation Website
  • Interactive app
  • Social Media integrations
  • Wider Audience
  • Marketing tools
  • Receive incentives
ePaper & eMagazines

ePaper & eMagazines

ePaper and eMagazines still rule the internet of entertainment and information. Although they have moved away from their traditional forms and started to look more like news portals, they receive more traffic owing to their readership in real world which translates into the virtual world.

  • Electronic Newspaper
  • Electronic Magazines
  • Increases Readership
  • More ad revenue
  • Affiliation programs
  • Faster access to info
Online Publications

Online Publications Solution

Some of the top-ranking websites are online publications. Online publication cover everything from national and international news to trending meme and bizarre YouTube videos. They appeal more to the generation Y than do news portals and ePapers and eMagazine. They bring the best of the both sides.

  • Social Media News
  • Trending Images
  • Viral Videos
  • Bizarre News
  • Youth Oriented
  • Cooler design

Case Studies: Our live projects fantasizing the app world

Just to share that it isn’t just the words that we have, we actually are good with our creative and coding business. Our live projects have not only earned satisfied clients/users for us as well as its owner.

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