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Peerbits is a reputed firm for mobile finance and Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Payment Apps. Our solutions offer a full range of digital financial services that ensure convenient payment, financial inclusion, and digital transformation.

Mobile finance solution

Across the globe, financial services are undergoing massive change. Mobile is the medium for the new era. Mobile finance solutions offer several opportunities for several businesses like banks, retailers, telecom companies, and many more.

Advantages of Mobile finance

Being a reputed mobile wallet development company, our job doesn’t end at just the development of the app. Delivering Custom Mobile Wallet Solutions with foolproof security is our aim and achieve it by conducting below security tests.

Mobile banking

It allows banks to reach a larger section of people thus enabling financial inclusion and to do its business in a cost-effective manner.

Assist poor people

Mobile finance can overcome connectivity and frequent repayment issues for poor people in the micro finance.

Promotes entrepreneurship

Mobile finance provides financial services like loans which assists a lot of entrepreneurs to set up their start-up.

Send money across borders

With international Money Transfer Solution, you can transfer money to your beneficiaries who stays miles away.

Exchange items

Mobile finance also plays a significant role in boosting the barter solutions in which you can exchange products seamlessly.

Currency exchange

Mobile plays a critical role in currency exchange. It has made exchange of currency extremely convenient, swift, and secure.

Mobile money and wallet for seamless transactions

We develop mobile wallet and money that acts as a platform for banks and financial institutions to extend their services to their customers through mobiles. Moreover, it also acts as a platform to launch digital wallets which are linked with their core system.

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Key Features

  • Integrated modules for rewards and loyalty
  • Reliable money transaction with cloud system
  • Add virtual cards with virtual card integration
  • GPS & navigation tracks nearby people for transactions
  • Create multiple wallet profiles
  • Manage large traffic with simple node addition

Key Benefits

  • Easy integration with OCS system/IN
  • It enables strong KYC implementation
  • Get rid of filling card details with one click pay
  • Store your documents digitally in the wallet
  • Enjoy its easy accessibility and convenience
  • Provide various offers and promos to customers

Top Up & Bill Payments at any instant

Our mobile wallets provide our customers with a large array of flexible and convenient Top Up & Bill payment solution. With the help of Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Payment Apps our customers can pay their bills swiftly, securely, and with utmost ease.

Key Features

  • Effortless onboarding of agent and the customer
  • Various loyalty and promotion options available
  • Business services for SMS, mobile apps, and USSD
  • Least cost routing and other priority based routing
  • Exchange rate synchronized with Google and Yahoo
  • Management of voucher issuance

Key Benefits

  • Service rolls out with dynamic parameter setting
  • Offers reduced airtime distribution costs for operators
  • Monetization of network using mobile application
  • Users can register with multiple bill payment firms
  • Smart import/export wizard for product management
  • Manual, semi auto, and Auto transaction reversal

Our solution makes micro finance easy

Our micro finance solutions automate all the processes involved in financial services at the micro level where individuals and the organizations have a meager amount of money or in worst case no money.

Key Features

  • High quality architecture that assists efficient work-flow
  • A secure platform for banks and FIs to provide loans
  • It caters to various microfinance operations
  • Repayment schedules & interest calculation
  • Integration with CRM, accounting software & self-care
  • Support for third-party content integration and APIs

Key Benefits

  • Improves data accuracy and flexibility of MFIs
  • Greater customer acquisition through secure channel
  • Helps MFIs to prevent frauds
  • Offers customized workflow
  • Reminders & penalties for late payments
  • Helps in customer portal & mobile app

Easy currency exchange with our solution

Our peer-to-peer currency exchange solution streamlines,secures, and eases the process in such a manner that it takes away all the headache of buying & selling foreign currencies.

Key Features

  • Our solution is compatible for online web integration
  • Customized solutions built for your business
  • Foolproof security with protection algorithm
  • Our solution has easy-to-use interface
  • Seamless buying & selling of foreign currencies
  • Available stock functionality maintains currency stock

Key Benefits

  • Customized methods for profit & loss calculation
  • Manage your customers efficiently with our solution
  • Separate transaction accounting for wholesalers
  • Get live currency rates on one click.
  • We provide various reports & receipts of transactions
  • Calculate opening balance, total buying and selling

International remittance solution

Our remittance solution offers easy rollout of both domestic & international remittance services which are fast, secure, and convenient to use. Our remittance solution has a cost effective & cashless model.

Key Features

  • Dynamic Field management for various countries
  • It helps in preventing revenue loss
  • Effective margin management
  • Fixed & dynamic exchange rates like Google finance
  • Fee management & flexible product management
  • Module for notification & alerts

Key Benefits

  • Decreases documentation and writing processes
  • Consumer has more sovereignty
  • Less opportunity for corruption
  • Easy integration with MNO and MVNO
  • It allows direct wallet transfer
  • Securing transferring with OTP based model

Efficient barter & exchange system

Our barter solution is future proof with limitless integration, functionality, and features that ensure fast track administrative tasks. It allows safe and fair exchange of products among the customers.

Key Features

  • Our rating system helps you to build credibility
  • Reduce your carbon footprints with barter exchange
  • Robust CRM to track every client’s activity
  • Our barter solution allows to shoot a video of the item.
  • Notifications when someone is interested in exchange
  • Meet people in your community via barter trading

Key Benefits

  • Track and initiate real-time conversations
  • Trade, exchange, and collaborate locally & worldwide
  • By swapping you can save resources and money
  • You can exchange with or without the money
  • Convert excess goods into needed goods & services
  • Barter exchange produces new business opportunity

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Industries that benefit from mobile finance system

Mobile finance has multiple applications in several industries. Below are some of the industries in which mobile finance is used extensively

Banks & financial institutes





Wholesale carriers

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