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Mobile finance solution: Shaping FinTech start-ups and banks

Peerbits’s mobile finance solution is a unified digital platform that provides all the banking and FinTech applications. This platform helps financial institutions and FinTech start-ups to build their customized digital ecosystem.

Our Mobile finance solution caters to

Our mobile finance solution is multi-faceted solution that caters to various use cases. Mainly it provides services to bank & other financial institutions and FinTech enterprises hailing from various industry verticals.



Deliver top-notch customer experiences for your retail customers, merchant, and corporate with the help of our web, mobile, and USSD channels. Expand all your digital services comprehensively via our robust and scalable omnichannel payment infrastructure.


FinTech start-ups

We shape your FinTech enterprise as an industry leader with our accomplished mobile finance solution that comprehensively runs all core operations without any faults and ultimately plays a significant part in writing your success stories.

Digital transactions made simple with mobile money

We have mobile wallet that acts as a platform for FinTech enterprises and banks & financial institutions to extend their services to their customers through mobiles. Moreover, it also acts as a platform to launch digital wallets which are linked with their core system.

  • Easy KYC implementation
  • Seamless subscriber account management
  • Uncomplicated Subscriber beneficiary management
  • Easy integration with OCS systems

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Flexible Top up & Bill payment

With our mobile finance solution, you can provide your customers with a large array of flexible and convenient Top up & Bill payment solution. With the help of Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Payment Apps your customers can pay their bills conveniently, swiftly, and securely.

  • Multi-stage payments
  • Service aggregation
  • Transaction reversal
  • Easy & low cost service roll out

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Retain users with loyalty & reward programs

Attract new customers and retain the existing ones by offering lucrative loyalty and reward programs. With our digital financial solution you can offer a plethora of promos, discounts, cash back, and loyalty offers.

  • Send push notifications with geofencing feature
  • Monitor customer’s loyalty activities
  • Beacon technology integration
  • Create tiered offers

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Our solution makes micro finance easy

Our micro finance solution automates all the processes involved in financial services such as savings and loans at the micro level where individuals and the organizations have a meagre amount of money or in worst case no money at all.

  • Repayment schedules & interest calculation
  • Integration with CRM, accounting software & self-care
  • Customized workflow
  • Greater customer acquisition

Seamless cross-border money transfer

Our remittance solution offers easy rollout of both domestic & international remittance services which are fast, secure, and convenient to use. Our remittance solution has a cost effective & cashless model.

  • Flexible operations
  • Integrate MNOs and MVNOs
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Cashless model

Branchless Agency banking

With our solutions, the banks and financial institutions can extend their services from brick and mortar bank branches to customer’s doorsteps. Banks can perform various actions such as editing loans, remittance, government subsidies and many more.

  • Financial inclusion
  • Increasing product availability
  • Advanced risk management
  • Parallel economic development

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Store, transfer, and monitor crypto currency

Our digital financial solution comes with a crypto currency wallet that can store public and non-public keys that are used for transactions. It also allows your users to monitor, send and receive their crypto currency assets.

  • 2-factor authentication
  • QR-scanner
  • Wallet backup
  • Conversion rates

A robust digital solution for your merchants

Merchant solution of our mobile finance system automates the whole distribution network. With our solution, the merchants can allow transactions for all their mobile users. It also allows the reseller to sell products through various channels such as USSD, IVR, POS, and SMS.

  • Merchant incentives
  • Promotions
  • Flexible commission
  • View transactions

Become future FinTech leaders with DigiPay’s mobile finance solution

Write the success story of your bank and FinTech start-up with DigiPay’s mobile finance solution.

Business use cases of our Mobile finance solution

DigiPay’s digial finance solution is vast and can support a wide range of business use cases. Some of the use cases are mentioned below.

Fuel retail

Enhance customer experience and operational efficiency by making your fuel stations cashless with DigiPay’s eWallet fuel solution.

Parking Automation

Automate and simplify parking with DigiPay’s parking solution where a user can pay, find nearby spots, reserve parking, and extend time.

Toll Payments

Toll payments made easy with DigiPay solution where a user can make toll payments via RFID, QR code, and NFC.

Electronic Tickets

DigiPay enables your users to book and pay for their bus, train, or any other public transport ticket via their wallet, QR code, or NFC.


With DigiPay, Telecommunication Company allows its customers to do prepaid & post-paid recharge, bill payments, and money transfer.

Cash back programs

Allow customers to keep all their loyalty cards in a single app. Use technologies like geofencing and beacon for loyalty programs.

Events & Concerts

Enable your users to search, book, and make payments for various events via QR code, NFC, and wallet payment.


Make ecommerce payments convenient with DigiPay, where they can make payments for all the items straight from the app.

Advantages of Mobile finance

Being a reputed mobile wallet development company, our job doesn’t end at just the development of the app. Delivering Custom Mobile Wallet Solutions with foolproof security is our aim and achieve it by conducting below security tests.

Mobile banking

It allows banks to reach a larger section of people thus enabling financial inclusion and to do its business in a cost-effective manner.

Assist poor people

Mobile finance can overcome connectivity and frequent repayment issues for poor people in the micro finance.

Promotes entrepreneurship

Mobile finance provides financial services like loans which assists a lot of entrepreneurs to set up their start-up.

Send money across borders

With international Money Transfer Solution, you can transfer money to your beneficiaries who stays miles away.

Exchange items

Mobile finance also plays a significant role in boosting the barter solutions in which you can exchange products seamlessly.

Currency exchange

Mobile plays a critical role in currency exchange. It has made exchange of currency extremely convenient, swift, and secure.