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Mobile money for seamless transactions

Digipay is an easy to use mobile wallet that enables its users to pay, receive, and store money seamlessly and securely from their mobile wallet system.

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Leverage the technology of mobile money with Digipay

Digipay wallet enables your customers to create an electronic account which can be accessed from their mobile phone at any time. Your users can use our solution for a wide range of financial transactions.

  • Link your bank accounts
  • Transfer funds
  • Store money in the wallet

Features that define Digipay

Digipay wallet app is a collection of its unique features. These features make it stand out from the rest of the digital wallet apps.

  • Cashless payment

    It’s a gateway to cashless payment as it ensures that all your users are able to pay seamlessly via a unified payment solution.

  • USSD payment

    USSD payment feature allows you to connect with those potential users who don’t have a smartphone at their disposal.

  • Zero downtime

    You don’t need to worry about the excessive traffic as our mobile payment solution is capable of handling it with zero downtime.

  • Multiple wallet profiles

    With this feature you can allow your users to generate multiple wallet profiles which would enhance the user experience and convenience.

  • Integrated loyalty & rewards module

    Attract new users and retain the existing ones with the help of loyalty/rewards feature by providing offers, discounts, and reward.

  • Virtual card integration

    Virtual cards are similar to credit/debit card in which a user can set the validity and amount in it. As the name suggests it’s in the virtual form.

  • Merchant payments

    Usage of APIs makes it simple and convenient for the merchants to process individual payments as well as bulk disbursement.

  • GPS & navigation

    This is a handy feature, as it allows your users to make payments to the nearby users by tracking them with the help of GPS technology.

Offer you users with a smart alternative of cashless, fast, and secure payments via our Digipay wallet app.

Advantages of choosing Digipay over
any other wallet

Digipay is a robust mobile wallet solution that can take your business to the next level. Below are some of the reasons as to why you must choose Digipay.

Extend market reach

The Digipay wallet app is filled with several unique features that will help you to garner more and more users and thus extend your market reach considerably.

Enhance user experience

Our developers have built the app in such a way that it has many value-added services integrated in it along with an easy-to-access User interface.

High scalability

One big advantage of having our Digipay solution as your mobile wallet is that you can scale it efficiently as Digipay is both vertically as well as horizontally scalable.

Converged platform

Another reason why Digipay solution is every enterprise’s choice is that it offers a sole unified fintech solution to all their business needs.

Open APIs

With more than a hundred out of the box APIs available with us, we make sure that all the payment and banking services are made available over multiple channels.

Guaranteed security

With Digipay wallet app, one thing is for sure that you won’t have to worry about the security as we have used the latest technology to ensure the security of top-notch level.

Our Digipay solution caters to various industry sectors

Our Digipay mobile wallet app exhibits versatility when it comes to the application. That’s why it’s been used in several industry sectors.