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Make most of your OpenCart store with a mobile app

With the ecommerce sales taking a turn at mobile apps from websites, it’s high time you create a mobile app of your OpenCart store. It’s easier than you think.

Customize the app as per your area of business

When you want to deliver your customers the best, you don’t want any app solution. You want a solution that also falls in your budget.

Startup Idea


When you need a modern marketplace app that connects sellers to buyers, OpenCart offers the fastest way to come up with a native app.

Startup Viable Product


Instant provisioning of services requires support of the local suppliers and service providers. OpenCart makes everything look simple and easy

Stratup Stage Development


The on-demand services require the ease of apps. They are not practical to run on everyday websites as they require a broader set of features.

Bring the best of OpenCart
on mobile devices with these features

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Native apps while cost more than cross-platform apps. They are worth every penny as they offer a better experience to your user. That’s why we insist on native app development for building iOS and Android apps.

Restaurant App Solution Manager

When you want to notify your customers of an upcoming sale, ongoing offer, order confirmation, open order status, delivery date, etc., you need more than sending them an email and text. The best way is to send push notifications

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We believe a distinctive identity is what defines your app in the overcrowded app stores. It could be branding, your logo, how the products are displayed, your shopping cart and ultimately how you notify your customers.

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An integral part of any e-commerce app is a payment gateway. There are many options to choose from. There is Braintree used by Uber. Stripe that is a part of our many app. Then the ever-popular, reliable PayPal.

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When a customer adds an item in his cart on the mobile, the same item should be visible on the web and mobile app on other app logins too. We believe synchronization is an integral part of an app’s experience.

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In a globalized world, app publishers tend to publish their app in several geographies as a time. The core user experience of an app is delivering the experience in the local languages. We have added support for 18 languages.

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Today, apps can many promotions at the same time. There will be one for new customers, one for a bank’s credit card users, and so on. To notify the customers of the offers and raising their loyalty is a great feature

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If you’re releasing your app simultaneously in various geographies, you need set it up to accept payment in multiple currencies. Our apps often integrate global payment gateways like Stripe, PayPal, and Braintree.

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Customers need a reason to keep coming back to an app. There is so much competition in the market. If you won’t reward their loyalty, they won’t be hesitant switching sides. A reward program is a part of our app offerings.

Revive your customers’ confidence

Developing a native ecommerce app can set you back by a few thousand dollars not when you have a working OpenCart ecommerce website.

OpenCart makes way for powerful ecommerce apps and website

OpenCart lets you create unique app-based ecommerce experiences for your customers without you having to invest thousands of dollars.

Shorter cycles

Since the OpenCart website is up and running, getting the app to work takes fewer development cycles than it takes to develop a similar app from scratch.

Low cost

A lot of money goes into app development owing to high cost of tools and developers. OpenCart reduces the cost of ecommerce app development.

Greater Accessibility

App provides greater accessibility than any website no matter how well designed the website is. This leads to a great user engagement and experience.

Hardware access

Mobile apps can access the device’s camera, earpiece, speaker, secure information to deliver a more interactive experience that ecommerce websites can’t deliver.

Hardware access

Mobile apps can access the device’s camera, earpiece, speaker, secure information to deliver a more interactive experience that ecommerce websites can’t deliver.

Better Marketing

With access to better tools and platform to market your apps, marketing your app to help it reach a larger userbase is way easier to achieve for ecommerce websites.

Extend the current scope of your ecommerce website with a mobile commerce app on iOS and Android


Technology stack of OpenCart Appz






Android Studio

Network Request


Crash Reporting

Library Dependency


Social SDK

Facebook, Google, Twitter

Payment Gateway



Yes, any OpenCart website should be applicable. However, we may still have to look at the website before coming to a decision. This may a case of the version of OpenCart running on the server. The newer the version the better.
Well, that depends upon requirement. How many features the client wants in the under-development app. However, an OpenCart app with all the basic ecommerce features shouldn’t take more than a month.
Yes, the source code will be delivered to the client at the time of delivery to deploy on the server of his choice.
We have a dedicated support desk to help you out whenever you encounter a problem with the app. You can call, email or chat with a support executive to report an issue with the app.
We work on strict deadlines to achieve our short-term milestones and therefore depending on the requirement we take about 6-7 weeks to hand you the completed application.