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Productivity App Development

The worldwide market of productivity apps is set to reach $58 billion before 2017. Mobility is essential for any competitive business, and thus mobile productivity apps are a commodity in demand.

Notes, lists and to-dos

Notes, lists and to-dos

Take a quick note, make a grocery list or office stationery, or draft a list of to-do tasks with an easy to use interface. Edit them at will, delete them, or share them with a colleague. Ideas strike without looking at the clock. Whenever they strike, take a note of them with a productivity app.

  • Take Notes
  • Prepare a list of tasks
  • Prepare grocery list
  • Make work to-do list
  • Take quick note
  • Edit notes
Across all devices

Across all devices

Notes, lists, and to-dos must be available across all devices at all times. With active syncing, every note you take and list you make are already available on all your device. That is, start a note on your iPhone, continue on your iPad and mail it to your colleague with the spare Android phone lying in your bedroom.

  • Cloud sync
  • Quick syncing
  • Edit anywhere
  • Web access
  • Android and iOS
  • Sharing options
Reminders and due dates

Reminders and due dates

With a busy lifestyle, it is easy to forget things we were supposed to do. It may the power bill on due date, an important appointment with a client, a friend coming back to the city or series of tasks you are supposed to complete. So write down your schedule, select a time you want to be reminded and stop missing appointments.

  • Set reminder
  • Appointments
  • Due Dates
  • Schedule notes
  • Work tasks
  • Raise productivity
Rich content support

Rich content support

Text notes and simple lists are too boring when content is more about rich images and high-resolution videos. With a smart productivity app, you can attach relevant images and link videos from video sharing sites over plain boring text only notes and make them look rich and more attractive.

  • Link Videos
  • Put Pictures
  • Add Photos
  • Add Text
  • Rich Content
  • Easy Share

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